Scientologists move to Quincy Center

The Boston Business Journal reports the church, caught between the sale of its Back Bay headquarters and the continued decay of its planned headquarters in the South End, is setting up temporary digs in Quincy Center.



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    It's all over for the "church"

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    The so called "church" is running out of money and is experiencing problems with maintaining their real estate empire across the world. Their scams and falsehoods have been extensively documented and people are leaving the organization, while exposure to the light of day is limiting the new recruits they can bring in.
    Unfortunately I fear the Alexandra will continue to deteriorate and will finally be torn down. Scientology will never renovate the building because they do not now and will never have the money to renovate the building. Hopefully they will sell it to a real developer.


    Let me guess...

    By on're also one of those people who says there's absolutely no difference between the political parties and that's why each election you vote the Lunar Moonbat ticket. Oh, and you don't own a TV because "all the networks show the same garbage."

    I fail to see much difference between you and a fencepost in a field in New Hampshire, and instead of doing the slightest bit of comparison or even bothering to think about it for a moment, I'll treat you exactly the same way.


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    Religions gain cred with age, like wine

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    Well, it's too new. Religions have a sweet spot for age, like wine. Christianity is in a sweet spot right now - new enough to be more fashionable than the Roman or Greek pantheons, but old enough to have more cred than the newcomers like Mormonism and Scientology.


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    Scientology has nothing to do with the Bible.


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    I didn't meant to suggest one is book-based and the others aren't. I meant to say the book on which they're each based is different. All of the others named have ties to the Bible as a commonality, which means all the followers of the other Bible-based religions give their religions *some* fraction of credence even if they all then disagree on interpretation or who was the lead actor or if the Indians were really displaced Israelites, etc.

    However, Scientology is based on a book that was written in the modern era and whose author we know the motivation of for writing it, etc. That is what sets it apart in order to answer the question with the most erudite answer.


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    Try reading the article, either the brief summary by Adam, or the linked article in the BBJ. There's more to a story than just the headline.

    Think I'll ever see Tom Cruise in Quincy?

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    What a serious downgrade.

    I guess they learned what a lot of people are learning. If you can't afford to be in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville but still want to live on the Red Line, there's always Quincy.


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    should put that on bumper stickers. "We aren't Cambridge or Somerville....but we ARE on the Red Line"

    Will Fit Right In

    With the Landmark Education Center in Quincy Center, the scientologists will fit right in.

    Seriously, Quincy gets a bad rap. Some of it deserved but some of it not deserved.