Harbor temporarily claims parts of the North End waterfront

Flooding at the end of Long Wharf

Normally, you can stand right at those bollards.

NorthendWaterfront.com posts photos of flooding along the waterfront today, including Long Wharf (above) and Columbus Park.

The sea level rise from Boston Harbor appeared worse than that seen during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 despite significantly less wave action. For example, today’s high tide showed a record level of water intrusion on the harborwalk at Christopher Columbus Park. Sea level rise and Boston’s rising tides have also been recently reflected in the recently proposed FEMA flood maps.

Compare this Long Wharf photo to this photo, taken at the height of Sandy.

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Tide comes in way too high

These sorts of things creep me out more than the crashing waves on seawalls during storms. The tide that keeps coming in ... and rising ... and rising.

Whimper, not bang.


Oh, that makes me happy ...

Happy that I didn't have to physically appear at work and happy that my husband and I didn't have to carpool ... or is that car + pool ... this morning.


Yes, I too

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think that a storm will happen sooner than later that will challenge the term "Innovation District".

Already in use

Although it may be interesting to see what sort of innovations are employed when the innundations begin.

Relatively frequent.

I work down by Columbus park and have seen the tide come up and over many times in the last few years. Not just during Sandy (though that was the first time I saw seaweed on Atlantic Ave) or after a storm. One particular day I was leading a tour to the end of Long Wharf and the compass at the end was almost a wading pool! Definitely a conversation piece about the height of tides in the area.


So that's the ocean emptying

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So that's the ocean emptying into the storm drain on its way to Deer Island ......


That's a fairly new set up in that park. Given that there aren't likely any cars dripping oil and antifreeze, that probably drains back into the harbor ... or into a storm water reservoir.



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It is going to get a lot worst and shouldn't come as surprise. Check out U MA Green Harbor Inc project