Search for East Boston kidnapper ends when teen admits she made story up

An East Boston 13-year-old who told police last night she had been abducted after school and then driven around the neighborhood for several hours by a guy in a van eventually admitted she made the story up, a Boston Police spokesperson said today.

But not before police started a search for the van - and then had to call in officers from other parts of the city to handle an unrelated incident that happened around the same time in Central Square.

The girl showed up at Piers Park around 10:20 p.m. and found a police officer and told a story of being abducted and then possibly drugged as she was driven around East Boston. EMTs were summoned to treat her. Eventually, however, her story fell apart, police said.

Police declined to say why the teen made up the story. However, it might have involved a boy issue.




What a stupid idiot the girl was to fabricate that story!

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That girl really is a totally idiot, who, while she's young, is definitely old enough to know better than to fabricate such a story. While it's true that sometimes young children (i. e. preteens) will make up stories in order to get attention because they clearly don't know any better, a person who reaches his or her teens or older really should know better, imho.

First of all, by fabricating such a story, the girl could very well contribute to some innocent person (or persons) getting into really deep trouble, and/or possibly ending up in the slammer for no reason what. so. ever.

Secondly, by fabricating such a story, the 13 year old girl in question caused police and other law enforcement people to waste valuable time and policemen-and-women on the force on something totally bogus, when there are other real crimes, such as rape, robbery, homicides, assault, and other violent crimes that need taking care of at that moment.

Having said all of the above, this story reminds me of an event (well published) that occurred in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia, PA, around 20 years ago, that came about as a result of a similar circumstance; a teenaged girl (around 16) fabricating a story about having been raped, when that wasn't the case. This was the Eddie Polec case, in case anybody remembers. It's bad enough that there were many calls to the police in the Fox Chase section of Philadelphia regarding a disturbance in the neighborhood, which were rudely brushed off or just more or less ignored by dispatchers who answered the calls, or just didn't answer the calls,...period.

Here's what happened: A gang of kids from a nearby suburb of Philadelphia came over to the city's Fox Chase section, and attacked Eddie Polec and his friends with baseball bats, fists, and whatever (no guns were involved, however), because a teenaged girl who was part of the gang of kids from the nearby suburb of Philly (The town's name escapes me at the moment.) had fabricated a story about how Eddie Polec had raped her and, believing her, the boys rallied to the girl's side, beating Eddie Polec to death, when, in fact, he was innocent.

A big fight ensued, with a number of people injured, and Eddie Polec, a high school kid, probably about 15 or 16, was chased onto the steps of the high school that he attended, and beaten to death with baseball bats. First of all, had the Philly police been more efficient and responded to calls from Philly's Fox Chase neighborhood, Eddie Polec's life would've been saved.

Thirdly, the 16 year old girl who'd fabricated the bogus story about her having been raped helped create the conditions that made this grisly murder possible, especially because Eddie Polec was innocent and didn't rape
her, at all.

Equally important is that by fabricating the bogus story about having been raped, the teenaged girl in question more than likely helped make it even more difficult for a girl or a woman who really does get raped to obtain the moral, emotional and legal support that is necessary for a rape victim, if one gets the drift.

An afterthought: Although the kids who murdered Eddie Polec by bludgeoning him to death with baseball bats received some jail time (I forget how much, however.), I honestly don't think that the girl who fabricated the false story about her getting raped by Eddie Polec (who was innocent), should've gotten off scott-free, either. Since she
was a juvenile (16), at the time, she should've at least been made to openly admit that she was partially responsible for Eddie Polec's murder, and forced to do some sort of community service as a restitution to Eddie's family for a period of time.

I also might add, however, that the Philadelphia police dispatchers were responsible for Eddie Polec's murder, due to ineptness and outright rudeness. Instead of vowing revenge on the kids who'd murdered their son, however, the Polec family fought for the reform of the Philadelphia police department and their dispatchers' system, and eventually got it.

Having said all of the above, I hope that the 13-year-old East Boston girl in question, who fabricated a story about her having been kidnapped, for whatever reason(s), gets into some trouble for it, and learns a lesson. She deserves that.

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Thanks, Miki, but ...

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Yes, the girl should not have made up the story. Yes, she cost the city money and diverted police away from other matters. As I mentioned, BPD had to call in officers from other parts of the city for another incident at the same time (something that turned out to not be serious, but there was no way to know at the time).

At the same time, please! Could you not possibly see that this girl has some issues going on that possibly merit some sympathy and help from responders? Also, please, Boston is not Philadelphia. For one thing, our police, for all their possible faults, have never firebombed an entire block.

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Not funny at all

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When the reports came out last night on the police scan pages on Twitter of a child kidnapped this scared so many people. It hit to close to home for many of us who live in the area. People were a wreck over this fearing for there kids . Then to hear the next it was a lie angered me and many other's . I hope this young teens realizes what she did and the panic she caused in this community.

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