For second day in a row, car overturns, this time in a crash

Memorial Driver crash

Overturned car on the right.

Santiago happened upon a crash involving a taxi and a car shortly after 9 p.m. at Mass. Ave. in Cambridge at an entrance to Memorial Drive.

Car turns turtle on Storrow Drive.



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Let me guess

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The taxi was making an illegal turn.

I'm guessing

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someone was making the illegal left from SB Mass Ave onto EB Memorial. Not sure who from the picture.

Sad sight.

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I hope nobody was hurt... or at least not too badly, and that they will be okay.

Physics Wins!

The center of gravity on cars has been going up and up, hence more roll overs. How many Ferrari, Lambo, Corvette, Lotus, Maserati, Miata etc. do we read about rolling over? None, because they are much lower to the ground, making them less likely to roll over. Want to protect yourself from a roll-over accident? Get a car low to the ground! Back in the day, station wagons were long and low to the ground, now replaced by tall mini-vans and SUVs that roll over.

Both cars within the last few

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Both cars within the last few days were just that; cars. Might want to revisit that theory. Cars are getting wider and wider, which is what makes them more stable. Hell, easy example, look at the old mini, look at the new one. Both have about the same clearance. One is taller and much much much wider than the other. And I bet you can guess which one is better and less likely to spin at track day

I think the real problem here

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I think the real problem here is neither car was fitted with reflective gear, and at this point in time, cars don't really belong on city streets, they are too small and hard to see. Trucks and SUVs are the only sensible and safe way to navigate the dangerous streets.

Evil cyclists

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..are so powerful, they don't even have to be on the road. Just look at him over there, smugly surveying his work.

He just thought about riding in traffic and BAM! Overturned car.

Just like Firestarter. Dangerous stuff.


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One of my friends was the one who called 911 and stayed with the driver of the rolled over car until her friend was able to come get her. She apparently did not have a scratch or visible injury. Not sure about internal but she was up and talking for 45 minutes after the accident and I think was fine afterwards and did not need to go to the hospital. The taxi driver also escaped w/o serious injury.