Self important South End pizza menus

Pizza warning in boston

Jenna wonders:

Did anyone else get this ridiculously labeled pizza flier in the mail? Are they serious?



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It's the law...

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It's illegal to tamper with the delivery of US Mail... That little warning is a heads up on what happens if someone goes into your mailbox and steals the envelope.

My guess? The pizza shop (or the marketing co tht prints the menus) has had an issue at some point with one pizza shop removing menus of another from mailboxes to hurt business.

It's a gimmick

It might be the law but it's also a gimmick used to try to trick people into opening mail they'd otherwise assume was junk and throw away unopened.

BTW, they are breaking the law themselves if they put the menu in your mailbox directly as opposed to mailing it to you, assuming it's a real mailbox and not just a slot in the door.

Yes I did.

But anytime I see that alert on the outside of an envelope I assume it is a scam. It's usually a "free trip" to a timeshare or "free airline" tickets.

What a sad waste of paper. At least it wasn't left on our front steps or put under the car windshield wipers to turn into a soggy mess.

I get these all the time.

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I get these all the time. When they first started sending them, they claimed they didn't even deliver to my area.

This is a very old junk-mail trick

You can pretend that your mailing is more important and less disposable than it actually is, and at some point you may even get people to try your pizza. That's not going to change the fact that your product is grim, the kind of frozen-crust, foodservice-canned-sauce, institutional-grade-cheese crap that nobody with under a dozen beers in them, a functioning palate and an unblocked nose is going to order twice. Spend more money on the food, less on marketing, and you might reach beyond the status of a punchline on Universal Hub (or Eater Boston: ).


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As a former SoEnd resident from a couple of years ago. I can tell you I've tried just about everything in that neighborhood (because its what you do when you're a single guy in a studio apartment in the city, you eat out a lot), and for good run of the mill pizza and sub stuff, its either Emilio's or Nicole's. SoEnd Pizza is just not very good. I'd rather have Emilio's or Nicole's.

And come to think of it, when I lived in the SoEnd I had stacks of menus from that place left in the lobby.. always there.. always (because everyone in my building knew to order from Nicole's..).

Yeah, I worked at a business

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Yeah, I worked at a business and this freaked my boss out pretty bad. I also received a numerous amount of hair in my subs when I ordered from them,

It is time-sensitive

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It is time-sensitive information! Guaranteed delivery in 10 minutes or its free!