Setback for latest plan to replace Cleveland Circle movie house

The Boston Business Journal reports the BRA has withdrawn the proposed mixed-use development from its agenda this week, with one official saying this is to try to reach a compromise with neighbors over the height of the buildings.



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    Oh come on...

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    So what if the hotel is a few stories tall?

    All of the houses nearby abut a damn RAILWAY. They have intentionally put up HUGE trees, noise breaks, and other things to AVOID looking that way off of their property for the most part. The hotel is going to block, what, a dozen houses from seeing the reservoir without something in the way? Welcome to the city, population all of us not just you.

    That dilapidated cinema building needs to go and that wasted retail/commercial space needs to be developed.

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    nope, brighton, people who

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    nope, brighton, people who think they live in wellesley

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    That's cute.

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    Building needs to go, but looks like the A-B folk quashed this

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    The best part of this, and one which everyone seems to have glossed over, is that according to the article, this seems to have been stopped by a neighborhood group appointed by the City.

    Unless the City appointed non-residents to this neighborhood group, I'm not sure how the house owners on the other side of the tracks are involved with this particular delay. (The only houses near that project are on Clinton Rd. in Brookline. The nearest residential units in Boston are the Waterworks condos and the apartments on Beacon and Chestnut Hill Ave. From none of those houses can you see the reservoir, because the earthen dam along Beacon is far too high, and the Waterworks condos block the view from several of the homes anyway.)

    It sounds to me like some of the old neighborhood busybodies in A-B are up to there old tricks again - wanting to make sure that there is no additional traffic to prevent them from "zipping" through CC on their way to Rt. 9. Or some ridiculous crap. (I was surprised only to not see a particular name of someone who lived at the corner of Comm. and C.H. Ave - perhaps that person is no longer with us)

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    As far as I know...

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    (I was surprised only to not see a particular name of someone who lived at the corner of Comm. and C.H. Ave - perhaps that person is no longer with us)

    My mom's not dead yet.

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    Occupy Brookline

    Why is housing so expensive in greater Boston? The residents of greater Boston.

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    Is this really a surprise?

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    Is this really a surprise? The people abutting would rather have an empty and quiet building than ANYTHING else.

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