Seth Greenberg lines up Italian restaurant for old Radius space

Local restaurant operator Seth Greenberg will convert the closed Radius, 8-10 High St., into the Boston outlet of a chain of Italian restaurants.

Serafina will sport a "northern Italian concept," his lawyer, WIlliam Ferullo, told the Boston Licensing Board at a hearing yesterday. Ferullo said the Boston outpost will be similar to a Serafina in New York's Meatpacking district, but with lower prices.

The board today approved Greenberg's request to purchase Radius's liquor license from Michael Schlow.



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the locations in New York are

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the locations in New York are pretty meh, but they do attract a stylish crowd. I expect this one will also be a mix of Europeans, models, bankers, etc eating mediocre food.

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Ya because i want to eat a huge pasta dish for lunch. Miss the Radius burger and their lobster rolls!

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Last time I was in a Serafina joint in NYC it was so loud no one could hear each other without yelling. Too bad stylish includes inaudible.

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I've called that the least welcome trend in restaurants,

most recently here.

Quote: "Almost every new restaurant in Boston now debuts with punishing noise levels. We understand the business justification for it: Quiet feels old and dead; liveliness equals good times! Plus, noise discourages table camping and enables more profit-driving table turns. But when your customers and staff go home hoarse after screaming all night, you’ve turned liveliness into hearing damage. Let’s agree to a healthier noise maximum—say, quieter than a leaf blower. WE SAID, QUIETER THAN A LEAF BLOWER!"

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There are a few variables there

Best and affordable are highly subjective. Noise, you can assign a number to, though it's not hard to figure out when a place is too loud for normal conversation.

The odd thing is that loud spaces can be loud even without big crowds. I really like the food at Lincoln Tavern in Southie, but the noise level is effing painful even when it's a third full on a weeknight. In prime time on Friday and Saturday nights, it's absolutely deafening: you have to scream to be heard by the person sitting across the table from you. Painful.

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