Severe thunderstorm watch for Boston area through 8 p.m.

So watch the sky, NWS advises.



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    Don't worry

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    It was like making fun of the Amish on the internet. They didn't have power, so they didn't know we were making fun of them.


    I know I get major anguish spasms

    ..whenever some utter stranger on the web makes fun of me or Cambridge inhabitants.

    And it happens all the time, so I'm reeling from one blast or derision after another.

    My skin is so thin, a fly landing on it draws blood.

    And the nightmares of inadequacy roar through my sleep like huge waves poised to engulf me.

    It's all I can do to administer a feeble scolding before collapsing in a weepy pile of unrestrained bawling.


    Rain ≠ Tornado

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    While heavy rain can lead to flooding which could hurt people, tornados lead to destruction that hurt and kill people. A flying 2x4 is going to hurt regardless of how thick your skin is. We are very lucky with the low number of injuries in Revere.

    Now on a more typical UHub type of topic... anyone know of damages to either the Commuter rail or Blue Line in that area?

    I hope that you're not being snarky about the T...

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    I took the Blue Line today at around 11:00 and it was all pretty normal. The only thing different was the lighter traffic on 1A. There were no announcements, no panic and things ran right on schedule. There was no sign that anything.was amiss.

    When I got into work, I was stunned to read in UHUB that I had driven through a tornado zone.

    There was an article about

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    There was an article about Kelly 's at Revere Beach being untouched ,so I would guess the tracks are ok. The storm seemed to follow Broadway. That's where the tv news seems to be saturating with coverage, hopefully it was a narrow swath. Revere is our friend !

    Says someone

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    reading arguably the most liberal local news site in MA, whose readers are offended by the slightest PC offense!


    I don't read the Herald

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    But i will say one thing. The Herald is not nearly as bias as most online Liberal publications. For example, MotherJones, Salon and MSNBC!

    Yes, especially

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    Laurel Sweet, who can always be counted on to do that hard hitting reporting on whether or not someone making a court appearance is a "practicing Muslim"or not.

    Can we all point and laugh...

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    ...if your home is severely damaged or destroyed? Your attitude is sickening. And that goes for anyone else who has made light of this. You're truly despicable people. But what else can we expect from a city with this many elitist shitheads?

    Yeah, but...

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    What is it up in the air for?

    (Unrelated: R.E.M.'s Eponymous was the soundtrack to my senior year in high school and my freshman year in college)