She only asked for one thing

Kevin Cullen reports on Kristen Walsh's one request to firefighters after learning her husband Ed had died in the 298 Beacon St. fire.



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    Simply beautiful

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    No words can express how amazing this story is.

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    How beautiful. My heart and prayers are with the Walsh and Kennedy families...

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    You know...

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    there's just too many onions in the breakfast potatoes at Charlie's today.

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    Spring is starting

    Damn allergies!

    Someone should bring her a simple gold chain so she can wear it around her neck and not risk losing it.

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    I did that...

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    and lost my late husband's ring when the chain broke and I didn't notice it until too late. Sadly, I've never found the ring and now deeply regret that I didn't put it somewhere safer.

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    Kevin Cullen is a Boston treasure

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    Don't read the Globe much anymore but can honestly say his is the only decent copy I've seen coming out of the place.

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