She said yes

Boston Marathon proposal

Kim Angelovich captured a successful marriage proposal at roughly mile 25 today.

Paula Ebben spotted another successful proposal, at the finish line.



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Drama puppies

So if these women had turned down their exhibitionists, would the boys have wandered off the course in shame, never to reappear?

One thinks not. These women had to have known...

Subtlety is a thing of the past

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Subtlety is a thing of the past. People feel they have to propose in the most elaborate, public ways possible now. It's almost expected. Doesn't seem very romantic to me.

Let them define their own way

Some people are drama puppies, others negotiate their marriages like litigators.

There is no right way, just like there is no right gender mix, set of vows, etc. Very personal territory, this.

My appreciation

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Hi everyone! First off I'd like to thank Kim for posting this photo. I cried again when I saw it. All of this was a surprise to me, I had no idea Eric was going to propose. You see Eric is a serious runner this was his 87th marathon 7th Boston and for him to stop running was a serious deal. I thought he was hurting because a month ago he had a nagging hip issue so I was trying to encourage him. Then he pulls out a ring. I was in shock and delighted...this trip was an emotional trip for us like most others this year. We were here last year at the bombing...I mean right there, so we were determined to come back. We were one month into our relationship and it kind of solidified our bond. So he figured if he made it back to Boston he would propose. We didn't have any friends or family join us this time so no one was there to take pictures he told me later he was sorry but kind of liked that it was just between me and him. I am glad though that this photo did come out so that we will always be able to remember this moment.

So thrilled

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Hi Rebecca,

I am so glad you saw the picture! I am happy to send you the actual large image file if you would like. I am recently engaged and my sister was able to capture the moment and it is something I really value. I am thrilled I was able to get it for you! Honestly, it was one of the best parts of my day.

Congrats again to you and Eric!


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Hi Kim,

I tried to reach you through FB but it seems my attempts have failed. When you get the opportunity please email the photo to horsecraaazy at yahoo.

Thank you very much again and Congradulations to you too as well.