Sheena is a cocktail-drinking lush now

Boston Magazine interviews the general manager of some new South End bar who credits his "built-in punk rock mentality" for helping him come up with a saffron-infused cocktail that goes for $100 a belt.

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    What a Pinhead!

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    I may have had a Teenage Lobotomy, but I'm not crazy enough to spend $100 on a drink when I Wanna Be Sedated.

    In my experience

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    People who go around telling others that they're "punk rock" usually are not.

    Commenting to say 1) that

    Commenting to say 1) that looks amazin' but you can probably get an equally tasty cocktail made with love and process expertise at a fraction of the price at Clio and 2) loving these title puns lately!

    $100 for a drink?

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    I guess there is a sucker born every minute.

    (Thanks Adam for not printing the name of the bar. It's like a noisy child...just looking for attention.)

    Actually, it is being called a

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    "speakeasy". Not sure why, in heaven's name, other than the owner's think using the name of an illegal liquor establishment of the 1920s somehow adds a more edgy vibe to the place.

    Conspicuous consumption

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    "Built in punk rock mentality". What a d-bag. The same trust fund idiots that pay $500 for bottle service will be the ones to buy this drink, just because they can. I can't think of anything less punk. Back at the Rat and Cantone's in 1977, Buds were $1.25 and that's what we drank. And you didn't put them down because somebody would steal them. THAT was punk.

    My punk rock mentality

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    Means that I buy interesting but cheap stuff when I have to travel for work, like Spanish Absinthe. Then I share it with my friends when I get back, and they share their weed.

    You can buy saffron at Costco, btw ... make your own damn infused whatever.

    Women's tee

    It has fancier finishing on the neckline (as well as having been artfully ripped.)

    Or as Ian MacKaye might put it,

    "I don't drink, but if I did and wanted to show just how much contempt I have for exploitative commercial profiteering, it would be by drinking hundred-dollar cocktails. True punk-rock kids: deflating bloated, soulless corporate excess in favor of stripped-down, DIY authenticity, one $700-retail bottle of gin at a time."

    Punk rock don't care.

    Punk rock don't care.

    He's just taking advantage of the yuppies and posers who'd spend $100 on a drink. That's almost as punk as smoking cigarettes you find on the sidewalk or doing coke in the Model bathroom.

    If I ran a bar

    My "built-in punk rock mentality" would have me selling six-packs of Red, White & Blue out the back door to the local teenagers.

    Plate O' Shrimp

    I'm sure it is the perfect cocktail to wash down their free-range organic Plate O' Shrimp.

    Oi vey.

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    I was there on Saturday with a few friends, and it was so... try-hard. The food and drinks were ordinary and WAY overpriced; the decor was inconsistent (any attempts at speakeasy were ruined by plaid chairs and zebra carpet tiles); and while the music was silow enough that it barely reached that annoying, just-on-the-edge-of-hearing volume, everyone still had to yell at each other to be heard.

    The neighbourhood is too busy for a place like this to survive. It's outclassed by pretty much everything around it.

    Me & my girlfriend thought of

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    Me & my girlfriend thought of checking it out on opening night since she lives a couple of blocks away. We got there around 8:15-8:20 and there was a line to get in. For a place claiming to be granting entry on first come first serve basis, the doorman kept letting in "people with reservations since they were owner's guests" and kept talking about the place being full. A ton of people snuck in and we ended up walking away along with a few other people. I tweeted at them calling out on the shitshow and I got a couple of replies that were just defensive, borderline rude & snarky. They deleted the tweets and rephrased one of them but too bad that twitter sends me notifications. Turns out they let people wait in line for a while and dismissed everyone because they were not supposed to have a line of people waiting out. Glad Picco & Beehive got our business that night.

    I got the 'green egg and ham'

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    I got the 'green egg and ham' (61-degree egg w parsley purée and ham); my fiancee got the bar peanuts; one friend got the potato skins; and another got the bone marrow with 'steak marmalade' (...pretty much a combination of minced steak and marmalade, so 10/10 for accuracy but minus a few for creativity; the bone was halved lengthwise with the marmalade sprinkled in thick clusters over the top).

    I didn't try the peanuts, but my fiancee described them as 'eh... weird'. I know they were coated in a spice/sauce mix that included nuoc cham, and I couldn't imagine how that could work out well. I didn't try the potato skins either, but my friend was unhappy that they were gussied up pretty much beyond recognition as skins.

    My dish was small but ok for the money (listed/priced as a snack); the problem was more with the flavour, which somehow managed to be both bland and way too salty. The bone marrow was also disappointing: there was way more of the steak marmalade on the bone than there was marrow available inside the bone, and it had such a strong flavour that it overwhelmed the marrow completely. Furthermore, my friend was only given a standard knife and fork with the dish, so she struggled to dig the marrow out; a waiter (not ours) did eventually notice this and bring her a long, thin spoon but she'd finished it by then. It wasn't satisfying at all, and again, there was very little marrow in the bone for the price (priced as an entree).

    My concern from just looking at the menu - apart from the prices - was that I couldn't see a consistent story. It just looked like someone was playing with Foodie Buzzword Fridge Magnets, you know? And that never bodes well. So while I was hoping for better, I wasn't at all surprised by what we got.

    There isn't much excuse for getting a marrow dish wrong,

    but at least they did the transverse slicing; cross-cutting bones is a really dumb choice that I still see around town. I laughed out loud at "Foodie Buzzword Fridge Magnets": mind if I use that one sometime?

    I continue to withhold judgment on this place till I've been myself, but their marketing / PR efforts have been inept where they haven't been repellent so far. Who would want this obnoxious character associated with their brand?

    Feel free!

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    Steal away, Slim! And yes, by all means try the place yourself. It could be that some of this stuff was just opening-weekend mess that will untangle over time. I wouldn't wish a failure that expensive on anyone, least of all someone with a punk-rock mentality.

    Hey! That's Wink & Nod in the

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    Hey! That's Wink & Nod in the South End! They've had lines out the door and apparently are selling quite a few of those. I live a block down on Appleton Street and was there Saturday night. A couple of guys next to my party ordered a couple of the $100 billionaire bijou and I will say, the bar does it right- the bartender came right to their table, mixed the cocktail while giving a little presentation, and gave them these awesome tokens that I'm not sure what for, but they have the Wink & Nod's logo on them, very cool! I had a lot of fun on my visit, but I can see how some people might be hating on them, the owner is the same as Noche, (which was meh), but I think they might've found a winning formula. Both the vibe, the cocktails and the food were on point and made me forget I was in Boston for a second.