Shocking development in Roslindale/West Roxbury rivalry

The Globe uses the lens of an annual golf tournament (at George Wright, natch) to discuss the neighborhood bickering, buries the fact that, as of last year, the median price of a single-family home in Roslindale was $20,000 more than the median price of a single-family home in West Roxbury.



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      Roslindale? Really? ... [looks down nose] ... Well! I mean really, everyone knows West Roxbury is THE neighborhood to live and be seen in,darling! Moss Hill maybe, but Roslindale? ... Isn't it full of those horrid lower class whites and such (clutches pearls)? ... [looks down nose, snorts with derision.]

      Not anymore!

      If you can believe what you read in internet comments (and I'm pretty sure you can), the lower classes have 100% been chased out of Roslindale by yuppies and speculators.

      In the olden days

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      It used to be that the rivalries were by parish rather that Roslindale vs. W. Roxbury. There was certainly no rivalry (as the article mentioned) between Roslindale High & W. Roxbury High because Rossie closed right around the time W. Roxbury opened.

      I guess Roslindale is the hip place to live now. Pretty sure W. Roxbury will never be hip.

      sources please

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      I live in Rozzi, and I question these statistics. We need sources before we conclude they are correct. As for hip, that is subjective.

      Warren Group?

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      Back in ye olden days, their statistics on sales by town/neighborhood were open to the public, but taking a quick look at their web page it would appear that the stats are behind a paywall.

      If it will make you feel better, the numbers are based on sales for a time period, so it could be that there was not a lot of good quality homes for sale in West Roxbury while Roslindale was selling the cream of the crop for the area.

      Don't worry. Those snobs in West Roxbury still look down their noses at us when we shop at their grocery stores ;)

      don't need to go to west roxbury anymore

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      Since the wegmans opened up in chestnut hill - now we can split all of our shopping between there, the square, and JP.

      only reason to go to roche bros is when we feel like slumming it. ;)

      Don't mess with the Roche family

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      Yes, their name is on everything in West Roxbury, so much so you'd think Bud Roche is the mayor of Boston, but they are the proud sons of Roslindale!

      Chestnut Hill is too far away, and JP has that Forest Hills choke point (guaranteed to get worse), so I'll be heading up Belgrade to shop for groceries, thank you very much.


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      I grew up n Roslindale 194o - 1960> We always said we were going done to the VILLAGE..


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      “Without this sort of thing, there’d be almost no interaction between these two neighborhoods,” said Chris Devlin, a 29-year-old from West Roxbury who is the current president of the organization.

      What an asshole.

      Yeah, West Roxbury and Roslindale folks NEVER mingle or socialize. We're the Gaza Strip of southwestern Boston.


      Speaking of blatant land grabs

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      When is Roslindale doing to be compensated for the loss of its Centre/Parkway lands back in 2008?

      They'll take and take and take, and I think they are scheming with Jamaica Plain to carve us up like the Poland (circa 18th century) we are.

      Oh, but I think you don't get that the thing is all tongue in cheek.