SimExtension: A virtual ride on the new Green Line

Green Line Extension 3-D Model Presentation Video

Ken Krause videoed a video by a planner for the Green Line Extension project at a community meeting in Medford last night.

H/t Greg Hum.



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They should have added

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a few simulated breakdowns, or tossed in a rude MBTA employee for authenticity purposes.

So did the video take longer

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So did the video take longer and cost the state more to create than the original central subway adjusted for inflation?

This is awesome

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Yeah I know it's a little way off, but how amazingly cool is it that this is being built? I know it's not a popular opinion on this site but I'm a huge fan of the MBTA. This will expand the urban reach of Boston and allow the city to grow, introducing more SES diversity (hopefully), and make Boston a cooler place, IMHO.


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So how many locals are going to get their property taken from them b/c of this???


Okay, not literally none. But if I recall correctly, there are only three properties in the way. None of which need to be seized outright. All three needed to have a sliver along the tracks taken. Only one of which was giving a problem. The other two sold the necessary land.


Union Sq loses while East Somerville Wins Big

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It looks to me like the real winner of this demo is East Somerville, not Union Square. I wonder how all those people that bought highly priced property in Union Square, with the hope for an Green Line extension, would feel about this demonstration.

With Assembly Square on one side and this possible extension on the other, East Somerville real estate has the potential to increase in value VERY rapidly.