Simple victory on Mattapan High School vote not enough for Yancey

The City Council today was about to vote for the second time on Councilor Charles Yancey's proposal to borrow $120 million to build a new high school in Mattapan - which would have sent the matter to Mayor Walsh - when Yancey asked for the vote to be delayed for two weeks.

Yancey told fellow councilors and audience members who included clergymen and former City Councilor Chuck Turner that while the proposal would pass 9-4 based on the first vote two weeks ago, he wanted extra time to convince the four naysayers - councilors Baker, Ciommo, LaMattina and Linehan - to make it a unanimous vote for the city's first new high school since 1979.

Yancey added he also wants the extra time to try to work his magic on Mayor Walsh, who could veto the proposal, even knowing Yancey already has enough votes to override a veto.



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That makes zero sense!

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Sounds like he's trying to amend the figure or attach something else onto the proposal.

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His Name!

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He will not stop until the new school is named "Yancey".

I just don't understand how he can be so pro-Mattapan High School and so silent on ALL the things wrong with BPS throughout his 30 years as a councilor.

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He kept a highway from getting built

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When I read Lupo's book Rites of Way relatively recently (compared to when it came out) I was shocked to see Turner's mug in one of the photos. Honestly, he looked the same in the late 1960s than he did in the 1990s.

His shtick is community organizer. They tend to only get little things done, but when you ride your bicycle on the Southwest Corridor bike path, take a second to thank Chuck. And the hundreds of other people who kept the expressway from being built.

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Why don't we focus on

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Why don't we focus on improving the existing schools, instead of a politicians legacy.

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