Sinkhole opens up behind federal courthouse



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    Not Beacon Hill

    Once again you demonstrate that you're not very familiar with Boston geography. That's not even close to Beacon Hill.

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    Easy there hoss

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    [I'm assuming] Once again you demonstrate that you're not very familiar with basic humor. I think he's saying too bad Beacon Hill doesn't sink in like this...not that this picture is Beacon Hill. Move on to the next article and continue policing, Comment Section Angel of Allston.

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    It just was Hell opening up

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    It just was Hell opening up to drag Whitey down...I told them they were too late - the Feds already moved him.

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    Aaron Schwartz

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    ... will have his revenge on Boston.

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    Why would Aaron have a beef with Boston?

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    He was arrested by the MIT police, and was originally indicted in Middlesex County Superior Court.

    (And in any case - signs 'from beyond' by Aaron would drop from the skies.)

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    Oh, my god! This is the most incredible sinkhole I've ever seen! On the brick ground behind the Federal courthouse, yet!

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