Six-alarm fire rips through Cambridge apartment building

John Hawkinson reports an overnight fire at 884 Massachusetts Ave. brought firefighters from Cambridge and surrounding communities and forced the evacuation of residents - with none injured - to a nearby senior center.

The American Red Cross reports some 100 residents in 884 and 888 Mass. Ave. had to be evacuated.

The T is running buses instead of the Red Line due to the fire.



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      Red Line

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      Despite the early warnings, as of 6:30 am the Red Line appears to be running through Kendall as normal (or as close to it as it ever gets).


      All better

      Yah, there was an early morning (5:30) email red line alert that they were busing park-harvard, but by 6:30 I also saw it was back to trains with 'residual delays'.


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      All the sirens woke me up around 12:20 or so, but there was nothing on Twitter yet. Thanks for this. My heart goes out to everyone displaced. I hope everyone was able to grab their pets.

      I'm confused

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      but then again I often am in the morning.

      But why would the Red Line be shut down for a fire above ground? Is a power station nearby for the T? Kinda lost why fire would cause the red line to shut down if its not near a T station..

      Ha -

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      You think the MBTA wouldnt pounce on ANY external excuse for running poorly? Was awful again this AM. Even after they went to "normal service" trains were at least 7-8 mins (rush hour mind you) apart and 120 degree sardine cans.


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      I live across the street and always knew this to be a nice and well maintained building. Interesting that one report at the globe mentions residents evacuated after smoke alarms went off at 12:30, yet some of the most intense photos are from 2:30 - anyone know if this is typical in terms of a fire spreading / being fought? Seems like quite a delay in timeline.