Snow-filled hole in Chinatown

Snow-covered sinkhole in Chinatown in Boston.

Bobby Main shows us the Washington Street sinkhole in Chinatown this evening. It opened up early this morning and tried to eat a DPW truck.



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Love it

Glad no one was hurt. Would love to look into that hole to see if there are any interesting artifacts from the past.


How's The Orange Line?

A few more feet deeper could have made for an interesting tunnel opening. This would still be over the inbound tracks, though not over the outbound platform.


"Problem solved!"

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- the City of Boston

I'm not actually trying to be political here. I'm just making a silly joke.


Wow. Just, wow.

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Reminds me of that brilliant movie Big Trouble in Little China.


Still a hole?

That's a major street - you'd think by dark the repairs would have been done and the street open. wtf?


My life flashed

Swear to Jeebus, I walked over that exact spot two days ago on my way to lunch at Dumpling Cafe. Crab/pork soup dumplings (best XLB in Chinatown), three essences chicken legs, roast beef scallion pancake. Way better than the gwailo-favored Gourmet Dumpling House up the block. (The nearby Taiwan Cafe is DC's equal on most dishes, beats it on a few.) In retrospect, I would gladly have fallen into and climbed out of that hole for that lunch. Ridiculously, consistently great Taiwanese food at popular prices.


Dumpling Cafe

We were delighted to discover this "last year" (still seems odd to say this about 2013). Haven't been to Taiwan Cafe recently, but used to like it long ago...


Taiwan Cafe had closed for a year

Many fans like me feared it would never reopen, as with so many "closed for renovations" spots. Glad to report they did reopen, and it looks much shinier than the old dump. Menu is as good as it ever was. If you like Dumpling Cafe, you should get back to Taiwan Cafe at some point, too.