A snowy April

Snow in Fort Point

The Fort Pointer shows us the snow that still remains today at the USPS lot on Fort Point Channel.

See also: the Natick Mall snow pile.

Of course, back in the day, winter harvests were big business in these parts.




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I've always thought that New

I've always thought that New England spring begins on the day that the last snowpile melts.

I remember one really bad winter and cool spring where there was a snowpile in a parking lot that didn't fully melt until June.

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There was also a huge snowpile like that near where I live.

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I, too remember a particularly bad winter, where we not only had big storms back to back and a cool, late spring, but, right near where I presently reside, there was a similarly huge snowpile that stayed put and didn't melt until June.

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Snow Piles

Existing snow piles I know of:

- Empty lot on Beech St, the Chelsea snow farm (recently leveled out by a bulldozer in an attempt to make it melt faster)

- Empty lot on Huntington Ave across from Wait St

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The good old days

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when the City actually REMOVED the snow, they used to dump it right into the ocean. But today that's not good enough for all the people who bought condos on the waterfront.

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I think there are just

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I think there are just environmental issues to that, since all the crap that gets into the snow as it gets plowed around also gets dumped in the ocean.

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I live in Cambridgeport, and walk past the Waverly Street snow pile all winter long. As that thing melts, it's disgusting how much garbage is uncovered; I wouldn't want any of that stuff in the ocean.

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