So what did Gerry Callahan say to piss off Dunkin' Donuts?

Nobody wants to say, but whatever it was, it was enough to get the company to pull all its ads off WEEI.



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    T&R rule.

    T&R rule.

    Providing that your definition of 'rule' means they play obnoxious techno music and talk in exaggerated European accents ad nauseam throughout the hockey season and beyond.


    you'd think someone that heard it live would've posted it somewhere. I guess their ratings are down, or their listeners are computer-illiterate!


    It wasn't always this way

    I remember Dunks had a big push a few (okay, maybe 20) years ago to improve their coffee and their handling practices. The coffee wasn't brilliant, but it was drinkable. Over time they and their franchisees seem to have slipped back to a lot of bad habits, like leaving pots on the hob for hours during the mid-day lull and shorting the grounds in the pot so the resulting brew is thin.

    Given the cost per volume of their coffee for what they provide, it's just way cheaper and more pleasant now for me to make a pot at home and carry a Thermos around with me


    Dunkin Doughnuts was a great

    Dunkin Doughnuts was a great chain until it stopped making fresh doughnuts. Originally every Dunkin Doughnuts produced there own doughnuts. If you went into a store in the morning, you were greeted with heavenly scent of doughnuts cooking. As part of there expansion, they now make doughnuts off site and ship them to the stores. As real doughnuts have a short, shelf life, today's DD doughnuts are designed with a "shelf life" built into them.

    Unfortunately the demise of the cruller had to do with the same manufactured doughnuts. The twist added to the cruller apparently cannot be replicated by the doughnut shaping machines, but require a human touch. So today,sadly we have the "stick" instead.

    IMO, the cruller was the perfect doughnut for coffee dipping.



    Pretty sure the death of the cruller came when all transfats were eliminated and a lot of the recipes had to change. The new cruller recipe couldn't hold shape like the old one. Didn't taste like it either...


    For the doughnut obsessives among us--there's a mention in one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books--Farmer Boy (which is full of fascinating food lore) of the mother making crullers. She makes the twisted long shape and not the "newfangled" circles (this would be the 1860s) because the twists turned themselves in the hot fat and she didn't like to waste time turning the circular ones!



    Jimmies are named so because of the Jimmy Fund. A nickel got you "jimmies" on your ice cream, which went to the Jimmy Fund.


    Actually are doing well according to Finn. Not beating T%R, but better than they were doing before Minihane.

    Callahan apparently bit the hand the fed

    Per the Globe, he made some disparaging on-air comments about Dunks' donuts three weeks ago. The station lost a lucrative contract and Gerry lost an individual endorsement deal. D&C has had its ratings ass handed to it by T&R for months, but closed the gap a bit last quarter. Given EEI's incredible shrinking audience and willingness to ditch established stars, a morning shake-up wouldn't be surprising if the March ratings come in with more bad news. I certainly got sick of the Two Hemorrhoidal Rightie Grandpas years ago.


    I have a feeling Dunkin

    I have a feeling Dunkin Donuts used that as an excuse to ditch them. They see the way the tide is turning against these two idiots, but they didn't want to offend any potential townie customers by saying that they're dropping their advertising because D+C are racist troglodytes.

    This must have really sent them scrambling over on Guest Street

    Since leaving D&C, you can now hear Dunkie's as a sponsor on lard ass Howie Carr's show. As if it wasn't bad enough that Dunkie's will lose money on the deal through all of the freebies Carr and Sandy will undoubtedly demand and swallow, I'm sure once Dunkie's finds out they're sponsoring one of the most ignorant bigots in Boston, they'll be soon dropping WRKO.

    Of course they could advertise on Jeff Kuhner's show, but if Kuhner found out they sold donuts with rainbow Jimmies on them, he'd probably accuse Dunkie's of pandering to the gays.

    Shadow of their former selves

    When I was a kid Bavarian Cream (aka Boston Cream in NE) was filled with the delicious custard. The donut really was simply a tasty but satisfying vehicle for plenty of smooth silky and mildly sweet custard. One was satisfying, two were heavenly. The modern counterpart are merely gummy baked flour with a teaspoon of cream inside.

    I agree that Cruellers were another delicious donut. They were a donut that communicated a foodwise sin of luxury for just a dollar and change. Their replacement is a cheap substitution that communicates contempt for its customers.

    DD was a good brand. Now it is a McBrand. A purveyor of lowest common denominator goods that maximizes quantity by minimizing quality.

    But why do so many folks keep returning to eat flour based cardboard and drinking coffee flavored hot water? Probably related to why so many folks feed their kids the gunk of fast food franchises in spite of the overwhelming evidence that foods saturated with sugar, salt and fat is just a slow poison. For a lot of folks food is unimportant to the business of life and is valued only for its calories. The super abudance of calories had gutted food of the value of quality. Value is based on scarcity. When there is too much of anything the value decreases. Perhaps the same has been applied to all food. In spite of a slow food movement, food among middle class and poor is still perceived solely in utilitarian terms which means quantity and particularly quantity of calories. With low expectations folks are willing to accept low qualities which companies such as DD are happy to provide. Lower quality equals lower cost and higher profits.


    Their business models relies

    Their business models relies on a cheap convenient product being sold on nostalgia and regional brand loyalty to overcome declining product quality. Eventually a public mood swing to value quality over cost will force them to adapt or die in a rapid preference cascade.


    Sounds like TastyCake in Philly

    TastyCake used to be the darling of Philadelphia which prided itself on well paid employees, top quality ingredients and freshness.After being sold, First they changed their pay structure- why pay a decent wage and have loyal workers for life when you can hire junkies and ex-cons. Next they changed their ingredients to expand their profit margin, it took about a year but customers started giving up. Last they loaded them with preservatives sold so they stayed on the shelf until they sold. Finally after bouncing in and out of bankruptcy they went to the city and the state and begged money and tax breaks to keep the jobs in Philly. The execs still ride in luxury while the taxpayers subsidize overpriced garbage, all in the name of nostalgia.


    The donuts are the best thing at DD. I'm on a diet, and at DD it's so easy to get a cup of coffee (black no sugar, of course) without being tempted to go off my diet and buy a donut. I'm not joking. This is really a good thing.


    I don't understand what the difference is between munchkins and regular donuts, except for the size. If munchkins are unhealthy then aren't all the non-jelly filled donuts just as unhealthy? And being smaller, aren't they less unhealthy?