So where's the best possible place and time to pull over because you realize your truck full of junk needs to be tied down better?

Junk truck on I-93

How about 6 p.m. on a summer Friday on the Expressway southbound in Dorchester?

Emily Murphy, who took the photo, reports "it was almost gridlock."



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Quick question

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Did they pull over to re-secure their load of junk before or after they had lost some of it?

I phrased my comment the way I did because

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this reminded of an incident I witnessed several years ago. I was heading up I-93 through Andover in the center lane when I noticed a pickup truck about three or four car lengths in front of me. The bed of the truck was overloaded with various stuff that was only loosely secured. Next thing I know, a gust of wind picked up a Little Tikes basketball hoop that was laying on top of the other stuff and lifted it off the truck.

I saw what was about to happen and moved into the right lane, passing the hoop just as it hit the pavement. Pulled over to call MassHighway's Highway Operations Center to have them come out and pick up the debris, and continued on my way.

After passing the Windham weigh station, I noticed a familiar looking vehicle pulled off onto the grass on the right side of the road. Yes, it was the same pickup truck, which had lost about half of what had originally been in the truck bed when I first saw it in Andover. Pulled over with the truck was a minivan whose driver hadn't been as fortunate as I'd been in avoiding the truck's flying stuff - there was a large star pattern in the minivan's windshield.


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Instead of a Tweeting this, why didn't Emily file a complaint with Citizens Connect? Isn't that what all normal citizens do?


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Hi anon

Can't it be posted to twitter and citizens connect? Are these mutually exclusive? Have you verified and checked every single post on citizens connect?? Neither has the city. Which is why it is posted on twitter, where normal citizens actually go. Apparently "anon" has never heard of posting something in more than one place. Thank you "anon" for not having mettle to post your real name and for wasting my time replying to such a negligent post.


Disconcerted Citizen

Looks like a couple of scrappers

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They look like they're on the way to a scrap yard with a bunch of old metal they scrounged up or stole, to get some money so that they could party this weekend.