So which is worse: Monkey spanking or crab scratching on the Red Line?

A Quincy man charged with masturbating on an inbound Red Line train before reaching a crescendo just before Broadway at first denied he was playing his flute, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

During an interview at Transit Police headquarters after his arrest yesterday, James Cox "allegedly made statements first indicating that he was not masturbating but in fact had crabs and was scratching himself," the DA's office reports, adding, however, that Cox then allowed as how it wasn't crabs he was reaching for on Tuesday.

At his arraignment in South Boston District Court today, prosecutors asked for $5,000 bail but to have him locked up by revoking his bail on two outstanding shoplifting charges out of Brookline. Judge Michael Bolden set bail at $150, but did agree to order Cox to stay off the T and out of South Boston until his case is resolved.

The DA's office provided this account:

[Assistant DA William] Champlin told the court that MBTA Transit Police were contacted on Tuesday by a 23-year-old woman who said she boarded a Red Line train at Quincy Center Station at approximately 2:00 that afternoon. A man later identified as Cox also boarded the train at the station and sat next to her before moving to a seat across from her. A male passenger soon took the seat next to the woman and showed her a message on his phone, informing her that Cox was masturbating as he stared at her, prosecutors said.

The woman shouted at the defendant, who was then seen wiping a substance from his hand onto an empty seat, prosecutors said. He exited the train at Broadway Station.

The male witness sent the woman a photo he had taken of Cox on his phone. Through the course of their investigation, Transit Police identified a woman known to Cox, who positively identified the defendant as the man seen in the photo taken by the witness, prosecutors said.

Innocent, etc.



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This suspect has not yet been tried, so we don't know if he will be convicted or how severe the punishment will be.

But please present the evidence to back up your claim that this judge is liberal and/or lenient.

Take your time.


"District Court today,

"District Court today, prosecutors asked for $5,000 bail but to have him locked up by revoking his bail on two outstanding shoplifting charges out of Brookline. Judge Michael Bolden set bail at $150". No further time needed.


Costs of jail pending trial

One of the reasons for low bail is limited resources to hold people awaiting trial.

People who have not been found guilty - so you can't play the "just give the low lifes bread and water" game, either. Surprisingly enough, some of these people actually have jobs and are not on social security, etc Even if they are, there is value in having them foot their own living expenses - something that cannot be demanded if they are being held for trial as ... they aren't convicted yet!



Bail is a way of ensuring that the guilty party returns for trial and is suppose to reflect the severity of the crime plus the history of the defendant. This is why someone who is charged with a violent crime or a history of flight will get a larger bail then someone accused of something as minor as failure to pay a parking ticket.

In the case of this accused wanker, he's already been charged with two other crimes and given his run in with the law it would be irrational to think he won't disregard the judges order and get back on the T or steal something else from a store or just skip town and try his luck in another state. So for these reasons a high (or no) bail would be reasonable.

So it's a valid question why the judge thought the small sum of $150 was enough to make him return for trial given that he's looking at sex offender registation plus jail time if he's convicted of the thee crimes.


Has he failed to show for trial before?

See "Open and gross lewdness" - a more serious crime than "indecent exposure", but still not a felony. It's extremely unlikely to result in a jail sentence, and a first conviction does not result in sex offender registration.

There's no information in the article to suggest that the guy is either particularly dangerous nor a flight risk, just a disgusting loser.


Open and gross lewdness not a felony? Wrong.

MGLC 272 ,Section 16. A man or woman, married or unmarried, who is guilty of open and gross lewdness and lascivious behavior, shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than three years or in jail for not more than two years or by a fine of not more than three hundred dollars.

As taught Day One in the police academy, a felony is any crime punishable by imprisonment in state prison. As for the $150 bail, pathetic since the suspect is already wanted on two warrants and no doubt has a record of other crimes. Recalling the uproar after the Amy Lord murder, when it was learned that a Detective hadn't thoroughly followed up on a prior robbery allegedly committed by Edwin Alemany, the fact that 28 year-old Alemany had already been accused in 52 prior crimes was largely ignored. While I don't defend the Detective, judges who continually release or set low bail in cases like Alemany's and Cox's can test the morale of any officer.


Dude are u mr. Cox or

Dude are u mr. Cox or something? Or just don't have any respect for woman? Or are u simply a fan of 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances? I get it, ur just plain old difficult. That's on u man

Making roads horribly congested

That happened because ... MORE PEOPLE DRIVE, despite a reduction in population.Go look in the mirror if you want to see who is responsible for making roads horribly congested.

TOO MANY CARS make the roads horribly congested. If you don't like that, move someplace like Detroit or Hartford, where everything got bulldozed for the sake of more lane miles. Good luck finding a job, though.


Too many in the labor pool

Up until 1970 when Mass stopped adding needed road capacity, most families had 1 car and 1 bread winner. Then, as more women also got cars and jobs, the number of vehicles on the road increased. So, it sounds like you might want women to go back to staying at home.


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