So you know how the fire department's always telling you not to use a charcoal grill on a wooden porch?

Firefighters responded this morning to 807 Centre St., in Jamaica Plain, where they kept a small porch fire apparently caused by dying embers from a grill from becoming a large porch fire.



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    Pick any neighborhood in the city and you will find this. It's pretty selfish. That is in the fire code for a very good reason. As you just read.

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    Everyone does this

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    Everyone.. Everywhere.

    And folks won't stop until something bad happens to them. That's how I learned. When I lived in Porter Square, the upstairs neighbor did. Caught the deck on fire. Thankfully the FD came before it could spread to the main structure.

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    Grew up there....

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    807 is an apartment building. No yard at all.

    I must confess to burning a hole in the porch of my cottage in Yarmouth doing the same stupid thing. The habachi fell over durning the night......

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    I remember looking at renting

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    I remember looking at renting there and it did have a small porch in back but no yard where you could have grilled safely. (I grew up on Holbrook St)

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    My apartment hunting checklist

    One of the things on my checklist for whenever I'm apartment hunting is to check the decks to see if I see grills. If I do, I automatically eliminate the apartment from consideration. I don't need the tsuris.

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    I recently noticed the neighboring building barbecuing from a wood balcony. Then I noticed that 50% of their wood balconies had barbecues I could see.

    It's an apartment building, I think including some Section 8 units and at least one crazy old lady. I don't know anyone there, and I didn't want to introduce myself by telling them that they can't improve their overpriced dump apartment lifestyle by barbecuing in the summer. So I cowardly printed out the web page from the PD that said not to barbecue from balconies, and taped it to their front door, under the cover of darkness.

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