So you know the old trick of hiding out in a store until after it closes and then robbing the place blind?

Wanted man at Sears

It doesn't work, at least not at the Dedham Sears. Two would-be yeggs hid out in the store when it closed on Jan. 5 and then tried to steal some stuff - only to discover that even Sears now has motion detectors, which brought the Dedham PD tout suite:

Suspects fled upon seeing police inside the store.

Also, they were captured by surveillance videos, which should prove useful to police when they catch the pair.



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Sears was the Amazon of the

Sears was the Amazon of the 20th century and have spent the last 20-30 years committing slow suicide. They should have seen the writing on the wall when Woolworths was reduced to existing as Footlocker.

When I was a kid

I wanted to do this in the Hyde Park Star so I could head to the junk food isle and eat all I wanted. I then thought I could live in the shelves, say behind some toilet paper. Everything I would need would be in the store.