Some city teen workers didn't get paid; city blames paperwork, computer goofs

A city fund that pays teens for summer jobs at local non-profit groups and city agencies didn't pay some teens for their first week of work.

In e-mail to supervisors at some of these agencies, the Boston Youth Fund said it failed to get time slips to some agencies in time for them to meet the deadline to get their teens paid. Then, the memo continues, a network problem meant many of those time slips couldn't be entered into the payroll system:

Any time that does not meet the Friday 10 AM deadline must be put in an alternate system beginning the following Monday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. On July 14th, we experienced a internet outage in the building, which was not restored until 5 PM. We entered as much time that we had until that 6:00 PM hard deadline. Unfortunately, your site was affected. Therefore, we will not be able to issue checks tomorrow.

The fund says teens will get their back pay as part of checks issued on Aug. 1.



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      I'm sure the personnel folks

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      I'm sure the personnel folks at the boston youth group didn't go without their paychecks.

      Cut the kids some checks, it's not impossible to do. Stop being lazy.

      It's like these

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      It's like these multinationals that tell small businesses they can only cut checks to vendors one day a month. Absolutely ridiculous.

      Over the years

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      my husband and I have had missing incorrect paychecks from pretty much every employer we've had. Large suburban school district, two major top 50 universities, two regional associations of large national nonprofit, etc. Welcome to the working world kiddos.

      And for what it's worth, I supervised BYF teens for a few summers. I expended more effort doing rounds of the building's potential hiding places and shooing them back to their posts in a week than they did at their assigned jobs for the entire summer.