Some Keith Urban fans prove unable to handle their liquor

The Sun Chronicle reports:

Emergency personnel were swamped with alcohol-related illnesses during a country concert at the Xfinity Center Saturday night, a fire official said.

EDM fans, too.



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        Should have been treated for poor taste, too.

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        Fans should have been treated for poor taste, too.

        Country music since the '70s has little to recommend it. Prior to that, you get the good stuff. Now it's all overproduced, overwrought pap.

        Too bad Boston and vicinity is going the way of the rest of the USA in this regard.

        Now get outta my ears! And off my lawn, too!

        It's all Good....

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        Every type of music changes. Rock, jazz, hip hop, classical.. So why won't you accept that Country Music evolves as well? I love the old stuff you mention but the new stuff is great too AND as you have admitted, it's spreading everywhere; like wildfire and appealing to millions more fans than it ever has before. Whether it's George Straight, Charlie Daniels and Reba or Toby Keith, Luke Bryan and Miranda Lambert, it's all good..

        Yes, it has changed

        Turned into some weird mutation of "country rock" that isn't to my taste.

        Doesn't make it bad ... just not the country western sounds that I grew up with, riding shotgun in Grandma's pickup truck.

        And this crowd incident isn't any much different from the ones before it involving molly, etc. The only difference is the intoxicant of choice.

        Very predictable

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        Why am I not surprised that you don't like it? But I'm glad you don't. I would have to seriously rethink my love for it if it ever appealed to someone who posts as you do. Real music, by real people about real life I'm guessing is beyond your comprehension.

        Real music by real people

        So Loretta Lynn wasn't a real person, nor was Woodie Guthrie, or Chet Atkins or any of the rest of the Grand Ole Opry crowd of yore. Nor were the people who listened to them, like my Grandma the school custodian or my Grandpa the 8th-grade dropout carpenter.

        Of course a moronic cowboy-wannabe city boy would say something idiotic like that.

        I somehow doubt you have ever been within sight of a trailer court, let alone lived in one in the west.

        wrong again

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        Then you would be wrong - as always

        ...wait, you're equating

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        ...wait, you're equating Miles Davis with Toby Keith? No one can help you now.

        Miles Davis

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        I know several people who like the music of Miles Davis. Personally, I find it boring and monotonous. Humans have different tastes in music just as they do with food and art. People are different. That's a good thing...

        Like most genres of music, it

        Like most genres of music, it takes some digging -but once you look beyond the Top 40 dreck, there's some great acts out there toiling away in clubs and whatnot.
        I myself have never been able to wrap my mind around the juxtaposition of the "good ol' country boy/gal" act and the ridiculous and ostentatious over-production of popular country music. A full orchestra sounds just a hair out of place in a song with a verse about a man's fondness for his pickup truck.
        Also, get off MY lawn; I need the room to put nine rusty cars up on cinder blocks.

        I never got the dude ,he is

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        I never got the dude ,he is from Australia, probably never tasted good old American rye , or shine.And what's the deal with that Taylor Swift ? Miranda Lambert is more like it. It's crazy, and not Patsy 's type.

        EEI's Take?

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        This urban music really brings out the worst in people, if you can read between our lines

        I have to wonder why, if you

        I have to wonder why, if you're going to be an idiot and get drunk to the point of illness, you don't just do it at a house party or a bar.

        Also, GOML, etc. Glad I don't live on the end of town that would've had to hear screaming sirens all night.


        My girlfriend and my sister got too drunk at this show, but don't worry, she's ok.

        "Keith Urbane"

        "Keith Urbane" is Keith Urban's less-famous twin brother; you can tell them apart only by his pencil-thin mustache, top hat, and monocle. He finds Keith Urban "rather boorish and uncouth".