Some light work

Boston Light under repair

Boston Light is getting $1.1 million worth of repairs done as it nears its 300th anniversary in 2016.

Brian MacLean photographed the lighthouse yesterday (Graves Light is behind it).

Copyright Brian MacLean. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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      A careless slap

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      Even though the BRA deserves at least several brickbats, this isnt one of them.

      The Feds got this one. All the way.

      Very nice shot!

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      Isn't it about 2 or 3 miles between the 2 lighthouses ?

      Edit: From a quick look at Google Maps, looks to be just about 3 miles.

      Im not a fan of this shot.

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      Im not a fan of this shot. The perspective is a little too wide and he may have used the wrong filter.

      I know those shots can be

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      I know those shots can be tough but it looks like it was taken on a camera phone.

      I wouldn't be so harsh. The

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      I wouldn't be so harsh. The photographer may lack editing software (it can be very expensive). It really isn't that awful for a newbie. I'm sure he or she will improve.

      It can also be free

      The photographer may lack editing software (it can be very expensive).

      It can also be free or very reasonable - ~$65 for Photoshop Elements which has more editing capability than most people will ever want to use.

      FWIW, I kinda like the pic. No, it's not an artistic kind of pic, but it shows what the photographer wanted to show. Could it use some editing? Probably wouldn't hurt, but the person just wanted to share something they saw rather than sell some prints.

      This is all very fascinating

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      We don't usually get this level of criticism of a photo here. If I didn't know better and somehow had a profoundly negative view of anonymous comments, I'd swear somebody knows the photographer personally and was using the chance to take some potshots at him.

      Not photo jealousy? Oh yay.

      Part of the beauty of what I'm doing is to create an archive of every day useful stock shots to add to the granularity of detail about this area.

      The artistic value, if any, means NOTHING to me. If someone thinks it has aesthetic qualities to like, it's a bonus.

      I'm thinking about helping the bloggers who don't want to get yelled at by photographers over usage issues and helping the places I visit so that people can find and enjoy them.. that's it.

      But if trying to be an artist brings a bit of joy to someones day, then help em out.

      It beats trying to be a real estate speculator.

      Who complains about photos on UHub?

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      This is UHub, not National Geographic.

      Some work is being done to Grave's
      Light as well, but that's privately owned now. That dang scaffolding has been ruining my pics all summer!

      And yet...

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      It is improving your view for all the summers to come.

      what a waste of money

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      Schools crumbling. Massive debt. That money could have been put to use on countless other things like new equipment for our first responders. What's even worse is the mediocre picture

      Oh sure

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      I'm sure our first responders could have used another grenade launcher. They'll just have to make due while we rebuild this lighthouse first.

      It's an active harbor. You

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      It's an active harbor. You do know what that means, right? Means navigational aids are crucial, and yeah, lighthouses count.

      I don't agree that the light

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      I don't agree that the light goose construction is a waste of money. It's essential to safety and I'm sure the commentator would be outraged if public safety was jeopardized. By the way, I think the picture is a little out of perspective and blurry if we are going to debate the merits if the light house construction.

      Hello, I took the above

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      Hello, I took the above photograph. I'm sorry if you don't like it. I do, it portrayed what I wanted to and the scene captures what I saw while I was there. Try grabbing your own camera and having it yourself. Happy shooting.

      And also, to the person who registered and posted a comment here using my name you are a coward.

      The Real Universal Hub Community Loves The Picture

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      I've followed Adam's wonderful site long enough to know that most readers appreciate every photo contributed here. Your picture captures a beautiful image from Boston, that's also an interesting point-in-time view of the historic lighthouse reconstruction.

      As others have mentioned, negative photo comments are an aberration at Universal Hub. In this case they're obviously coming from a troll who is extremely jealous of your photographic skills. Please keep up the good work and post more photos for us to enjoy.

      For what it's worth

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      I think it is a good photo.

      Ignore the "anon (not verified)"s, since they probably just hate you. As for the rest of us, we usually just look at the photos and think "that's nice" and move on. However, due to this hatefest, I will say it is a good photo.