Somebody in Jamaica Plain seems to have missed the subtle signs that it's no longer winter

Chair space saver in Jamaica Plain

Conor Olmstead noticed this space saver tonight on St. Peter Street in Jamaica Plain.



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Yeah, but

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There's a storm coming up the coast. If we get a sudden blast of cold (ant)arctic air, we could be talking feet of snow. Or all rain. But who really knows at this point, so it is best to pre-save.


Oh thank God!!!

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I kind of figured UHub must be having seasonal severe withdrawals with no space savers for all these weeks. Whew!! This one will hopefully hold everyone over till winter.


Everyone take a deep breath

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Esp. the guys hyperventilating on Twitter.
Any idea who the space saver guy is? Huge douche? Or maybe a great neighbor with a wife coming home with a baby. Or a furniture delivery? Elderly visitors? Might be a half decent reason to save a space for a couple hours.


Or maybe it's garbage day

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And it's not even being used as a space saver.

Seriously, though, the wife with the baby? So they get to claim the spot for another, what, year?


There is 0 probability this

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There is 0 probability this chair was left by a lazy person who doesn't care about sharing their street with their neighbors on a first come first served basis. Def pregnant woman or elderly person it's being saved for


How would they know that the

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How would they know that the people they're intimidating from taking the space don't have a more important reason to park there?

Poor lonely chair

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It looks forlorn, as though it was left in the gutter to fend for itself. It really needs a nice home.


Well, it's at least better

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than the house on Zamora that has been using crates as space savers for the past two weeks.

Longer than that

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I've noticed it going back longer than that, but the most annoying time was during Pride, when they were blocking off what seemed like two spots on Zamora. Don't know what that's about.

Some people simply believe they have a "right"

Our neighbors in Rozzie always reserve their two spaces year round (in winter with cones and other times by intimidation). If anyone should attempt to park in "their" spaces, you get a strongly worded notice on your windshield telling you to move - that where you have parked is theirs. If someone has parked in their slots and it's summer, you hear the curses inside. They have a driveway and two more cars are parked there. They have lived here for 40 years, and believe they are totally justified in claiming these spots as their own. Don't even think of discussing this with them. They just get angry which makes for a hostile neighborhood.


So call the police if they

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So call the police if they threaten you, otherwise complain to the city.
They do not own those parking spaces and have no more of a right to them then any other person does. The city owns and maintains those parking spaces with the intent that they are accessible to anyone who needs to park there.



... solves all problems. But if they are the only folks on your block who are a problem, things should still be pretty okay (unless you live on a very short block).

What nonsense

Everyone knows that talking to your selfish neighbors is the cure-all.

Don't even think of discussing this with them. They just get angry which makes for a hostile neighborhood.

Some people simply believe they have a "right"

We *have* discussed this with our neighbor. The parking spaces are in front of our home and when family or friends visit they should be able to park in front of our home. But that is the logic used by our neighbors - the spaces are also in front of their home albeit across the street. And they simply say "we have always parked there, therefore..." There is always a parking space within a block of our homes. While this is maddening, in the context of neighborhood living, we let it go. For the most part, these neighbors try to be courteous neighbors - except just don't f*** with their parking spaces!

Happens EVERY day

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On Horidan Way (Horrible way) in Mission Hill, also parking in front of the fire hydrant...

Not a Space Saver

Let's get our terminology straight.

Calling it a "space saver" imparts an air of legitimacy. It's the same as referring to a vandal's illegal tag on someone's property as "art" when it's nothing more than "graffiti."

The word for that chair in that place is "litter," while the person who left it there would more accurately be characterized as "trash."

Apparently common practice

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in some parts of JP. Friend of mine just moved to Rosemary St and reports that several of his neighbors put out cones all year round.