Somebody in Newton may be targeting drivers, pilots with a green laser

WBZ reports on an apparent asshole loose in the Garden City.



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    That article

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    The only paragraph about the dangers of lasers is this one:

    In 2004, after studying a number of these cases, Nakagawara concluded the incidents were a threat because of “the distraction and temporary visual impairment they often cause for flight crew members.” He was concerned that pilots were being targeted at the exact point when the distraction is most threatening: “at low altitude during critical phases of flight.” Green lasers are especially harmful because the eye is most susceptible to damage from light in the yellow-green part of the spectrum.

    Have there actually been any crashes resulting from lasers? The article says there are thousands of attacks each year on pilots, but the article say much about the result of these attacks.

    Clearly needs a few

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    Clearly needs a few multimillion dollar studies and a ban.

    For the children.

    Luck and skill, maybe?

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    I'm friends with a couple of pilots/flight paramedics, and they describe laser pointers on planes to be one of the most blinding things ever. Pilots have plans for how to fly in case of emergencies, and I would imagine "being blinded" is a situation they have practiced, so that may explain the apparent lack of crashes.

    Reassure me, please.

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    Please, please tell me that you did not ask this leading question to make some point like, "well, since none of these laser attacks has resulted in a crash, why all the hubbub?"

    No, nothing like that. I was

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    No, nothing like that. I was just curious if he knew of any crashes due to the laser pointers since it seems like he follows this issue and since the incident rate has increase dramatically over the last decade or so.

    Believe me, as someone who flies from time to time and who also lives on the ground planes fly over I'm all for outlawing pointing lasers at pilots.