Somerville says: Let's get small

Get ready for the Tiny House Festival on Sept. 20 at 10 Poplar St.:

Our hope is that a group of tiny houses will take residence in this large city lot in Somerville to create a temporary village from Friday September 19 through Sunday, September 21. While the houses are there, the space will hold several events including a craft fair and festival, an evening documentary screening, and Sunday afternoon building workshops.

Via Davis Square LiveJournal.



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    Hmmmmmm.....this sounds interesting.

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    I'll be attending a 45th-year high school class reunion in the evening, but I might stop by the festival for a small part of the afternoon.

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    Love the idea

    But, hey, having grown up in a single-wide trailer I just can't get onto it personally.

    Portland is in the permitting process to upcycle a long-vacant lot for a colony of tiny houses that will rent for $200 a month and house 1-2 people each. The idea is to help those transitioning from homelessness by giving them a stable address at a minimum-wage worthy rent.

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