Somerville street closed for free-range beasts


Dev reports Highland Avenue is shut today so that


Or it's the city's monthly SomerStreets festival.



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      Don't know what he would say.

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      Don't know what he would say. But, whatever it is, he would likely make a career out of it and a couple of books to go along with it.

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      Oh, you talking about the

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      Oh, you talking about the Howie that the Howie I referenced often talks about?

      Tough to keep my Somerville Howies straight.

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      Beasts ...

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      ... could use some work in the Display Feral Viciousness department.

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      I miss Somerville

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      I miss Somerville so damn much. Husband moved me to Billerica. All I see are broken down strip malls full of sub shops that close at 10:00 pm. I don't even want to open my eyes most mornings.

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      I remember when a move to Billerica from Somerville was a step up, now not so much.

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      It's gawd awful. And the traffic on 3a will make people nostalgic for a city.

      It made the classic mistake of betting on big single family build outs.

      No one thought of all the added service costs so you end up with a doom spiral as costs mount for services, schools and so on.


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      try Lowell?

      it's right next to Billerica and has at least some of the things you might miss about Somerville (ethnic diversity, good food, art, culture, festivals, walkable neighborhoods)

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      Except that Lowell is a mix

      Except that Lowell is a mix of "we tried" overpriced restaurants and rim shops/nail salons downtown amongst urban decay. If they got that damn high school outof the middle of downtown and closed it to motorized traffic it might be okay, but that's still a small area.

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      I dont know why but I kept reading that as

      "Somerville street closed for free-range breasts"

      Then again, what is a free range breast? Bra-less?

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      ...the Beasts and the Children. BTW, who gives a rip what Howie says or would say.

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