For something so ephemeral, Globe Direct sure sucks

Globe Direct sucks

Andrew Teman illustrates the brutal and short life of a Globe Direct bag, at least the ones that are lobbed at the houses of people who care what their streets look like.

We'd gone several weeks without a Globe Direct dropping landing on our property, and were feeling pretty good about that. But when I opened the front door today, there was one of the sucky Globe Direct bags somehow perched on one of the railings along our front steps.

Apparently, Globe Direct's circulation department is run by poorly trained chimps with hearing and reading problems.



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    It's sad

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    that we seem to have better laws against spam than we do against the paper and plastic-bag equivalent.

    Feel lucky...

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    They don't even use a bag where I am. Once a week I go downstairs and there's just a pile of coupons and supermarket circulars scattered all over my foyer beneath my mail slot.

    I don't see the point

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    Okay, I see the point that you have nicely called them and theoretically they stopped sending them only to send them again, but seriously, it's a bunch of circulars in a plastic bag. I'd take that over the incessant calls I get from financial services and charitable solicitors any day. The Globe is a business, and a lot of the business has suffered from the foolish decision of newspapers to post content online for free. People rightly note the decline in quality of Globe reporting over the years, which is directly related to waning revenues. If you want to see better quality, or conversely a halt in decline in the quality, of the reporting, just "suffer" silently.

    I've said it before, they should mail them rather than hand deliver them. Still, there's been worse things on my sidewalk some mornings.

    My only gripe is that I get the paper delivered, so we get the circulars on Thursdays. We like getting them. We don't like not getting them. However, we don't like getting two of them. And yes, I keep the phone book in the kitchen and use that, too. The red bags, however, are in a pile on the front porch.

    Why doesn't someone intercept

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    Why doesn't someone intercept the delivery cars each morning, slip the driver $10, and have the the damn things redirected to the nearest waste recycling transfer station?

    Someone did that in Maine

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    Last summer I went to the local paper recycling dumpster and found thousands of that weeks local free paper, still in plastic bags. I called the paper and told them that their delivery guy had just dumped them all in the recycling dumpster. They were pissed!

    I called the paper and told

    I called the paper and told them that their delivery guy had just dumped them all in the recycling dumpster.

    Because you hate your neighbors, I presume, if not life itself?

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