Sometimes, you just can't wait to get to the gym

Man doing crunches at Back Bay station

Roving UHub photographer Jed Hresko spotted this guy doing crunches at Back Bay on the Orange Line this morning.



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The Floor?

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Probably no dirtier than the gym.

Hey, I lost a lot of good

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Hey, I lost a lot of good family members to that on the Oregon trail!

Maybe he was looking for a judgment free zone?

I'll go there

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Well he has at BackBay/South End Station

Maybe he's gay and putting his legs in the air for someone to walk up and take charge. I mean it already happens in the bathroom there, why not the train platform too?


in all seriousness? really? you're into working out that much you can't wait?

70 percent sure this man

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70 percent sure this man works out at my gym in Quincy.. He def has image/workout disorder cuz he briskly goes from machine to machine non stop for hours and is run walks from matching to machine never taking a break. He does this in a matter where he stands out and u can tell something is off with him