Sorrow Drive

Stuck truck on Storrow Drive in Boston

A truck driver with cat-like reflexes managed to avoid a full storrowing around 10:30 a.m. Michael Cotrone was on hand to record the scene and, who knows, sell commemorative copies to the driver.



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How about a required college

essay for incoming freshman attending any Boston area college or university describing how a 12 foot high truck can drive under an 11 foot high bridge.


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I have been saying for years that this should be the final entrance exam. If you are unable to follow the directions that the college sends you regarding bridges and moving trucks, and you find yourself stuck, you forfeit your admission.

We;ve long appreciated Adam's

We;ve long appreciated Adam's great headlines, but his content is equally as good. Where else could you find writing as good as the opening sentence, "A truck driver with cat-like reflexes,,,"?


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And "sell commemorative copies to the driver," is comedic gold!

Proposed policy change

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I'm a fan of the viking funeral for storrowed vehicles. Clear the road, burn the truck to appease the Storrow gods, and hang the hood ornament 11ft high for all to see. I imagine the Puritans would've supported me in this.

Unpublicized also-miss

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Around an hour before that, there was a rental truck debating whether to attempt the underpass on the eastbound side while simultaneously there was a 3-car pileup on the westbound side yesterday morning as well.

Saw three UHaul trucks in two hours on Storrow

I was with my daughter at the Lee Memorial Wading Pool near MGH right on Storrow and couldn't believe how many rental trucks I kept seeing. These were the smaller variety which hopefully didn't get Storrowed farther down the road.