South Boston cone vigilante: Hero or goat?

The Globe interviews a guy who's taken to going around Southie after storms, removing traffic cones from saved spaces.

Although some have taken to calling him Capt. Cone, he says he prefers BROhibitor.



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I've been considering partaking in such festivities. Glad to hear that others have already taken the initiative.


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So this guy removes a cone from someone's spot, I park there not knowing it was a "saved" spot, and i get my tires slashed. Thanks for the public service Capt. Cone


Why are you blaming Captain Cone that there's sociopath vandals out there?

Hey donkeykong, if you have a

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Hey donkeykong, if you have a cone in a spot with no snow on the grownd, your tires should be slashed

Get along go along

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I'm with you chewy. There are rules the yuppies do understand. You actually have to shovel out the earn the spot and not the 3 inch snowfall variety. Tools!!!

So be it

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You know, I used to feel the same way. But the city and police are refusing to enforce city and state laws, and are enabling property destruction and felony assault.

So, remove away. Maybe if something does happen the city will be sued, or be forced to action to stop this unlawful vigilante system. In the long run, its better that it happens sooner than later before the practice become even more entrenched than it is. Especially since it pits neighbor against neighbor in game theory maelstrom to the lowest common denominator.

If threats of property destruction and assault are to replace the laws and enforcement by the city, lets get to it and show them what that outcome produces.

how is

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how is the vigilante unlawful?

space savers are allowed. so is moving them. so is anyone parking in the spot.

Ok, well...

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Batman could not have known the ramifications of becoming a vigilante, yet I don't see you complaining about him.

Anyone who would slash your

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Anyone who would slash your tires because you took a space they saved a space before it snowed (and then only snowed an inch that you didn't need to shovel) is a complete maniac. I think having a space saver for a couple days when it snows a foot is actually pretty reasonable, but pre-emptive space saving and saving spaces when you just drove your car out of a dusting of snow drives me insane. I'm glad someone is doing something.


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In east cambridge, the use of space savers has been a growing menace over the past years and was routinely practiced over the past couple of storms this past month with no action by DPW in select spots. The offenders usually use their trash cans in order to prevent DPW removal.

I would much rather have

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I would much rather have someone like Capatain Cone telling me when to move my spacesaver than someone who is from New York and sits behind a keyboard all day!!!

Hey, knock yourself out

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I don't really care what people in South Boston do with their cones, although I do have some suggestions for where they can put them.

and just like clockwork Adamg

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and just like clockwork Adamg throws his anti-south Boston comment into the mix (What took you so long this time?)

Anti-South Boston?

Did Adams suggestions hurt your feelings? I thought you townies were a little more thick h̶e̶a̶d̶e̶d̶ skinned than that.

Spin O Rama

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You ride a bike, you one notch above fat people who ride rascal scooters.

Hey Adam, why don't you share

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Hey Adam, why don't you share with the people of South Boston your favorite spot(s) to place your cone(s)?

Being annoyed that someone is

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Being annoyed that someone is "from New York" is the sort of thing that makes Boston not as good as it could be. Wow, someone lives in your city and WASN'T EVEN BORN HERE? What a jerk!

I think he has a point when he says

that we're not far away from this issue boiling over into tragic violence. Walsh should recognize that the new reality of increasing scarcity trumps the hallowed tradition of space savers, and do what Cambridge does: deploy DPW to end the practice altogether. (I don't actually believe that's going to happen in his tenure as mayor, by the way.) It's going to end in tears otherwise.


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Lets not twist the situation. I dont just take someones spot saver. But when its 3Days after a flurry, and the Yuppie baffoons feel entitled to a spot, Abusing the unwritten rule in the neighborhood. YOUR CONE IS GETTING TOSSED!

Hi Dave -

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Hi Dave -
I'm a "yuppie" and I'm 100% on board with what you're doing. Can you also talk to my neighbors, the 'I've lived here my entire life - and this is my parking spot until April' buffoons? They're suffering from the same entitlement problem. Thanks.

What about the townie knuckleheads?

Just curious about the methodology you take to ensure that only the entitled yuppie space savers are getting tossed. Does a local need to attach their townie card to the space saver to ensure their entitlement to the spot?

Hero. The more this happens, the better.

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The sooner everyone knows that space savers are removed en masse, the sooner the self righteous tire-slashers, nail-gunners, and car-keyers will have to admit to themselves they are vandalizing the cars of innocent bystanders. Perhaps this will prompt one or two of them to grow up.


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The whole practice is ridiculous. Buy a house with a driveway and a garage if you don't like it.

Wow, this guy is a lunatic.

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Wow, this guy is a lunatic. Check out his FB profile, his obsession with yuppies is a little scary (and flattering I guess).

"Call me Old Fashioned but does anyone else feel the urge to run Yuppie Couples over when you see them going for a jog at 6:00am?" - Dave Ivaska

For anyone looking to not have their cone taken off the street, simply write "I.L.Y." on it (I loathe Yuppies).

Also if you were splashed by an asshole on 12/21/13, I found him ... "Saturday morning! Lets hope there is a Huge slush puddle in front of the Sidewalk with all the Baffoons waiting in line as I drive by. Wish me Luck!!!"

If you'd like to discuss with him in person his East Broadway address is easily found on his timeline too.

Perhaps. I'd argue that

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Perhaps. I'd argue that anyone who talks about running down joggers and pulling u-turns to snap pictures of people walking down the street has a few screws loose, but if you want to embrace him as your southie native village idiot then so be it (not that I don't agree with removing space savers pre-snow, no snow, after 48 hours, etc).

Once again it's hilarious to see the "natives" getting their panties in a bunch regarding yuppies, when most of us couldn't care less. Reading through profiles like his always provides a good chuckle while getting through the work day.

Total a-hole

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Making fun of guys in gym clothes calling them gay, making fun of asians, etc.... Guy is a tool.

you must be meeting your Bro

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you must be meeting your Bro's after work or perhaps a Crossfit workout!!!
you must wers Salmon!


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Wow kid,

Why don't you post your FB profile for all of us to see? It's mighty cowardly to post from anonymous keyboard.

Might want to look up "irony"

Since you're posting from an unverified UHub account yourself, Roger Dumers.

Commenters here are responding to news stories. Dave Ivaska has made himself a news story, which in 2014 often means drawing attention to your public social-media footprint. Ivaska's revealed some unflattering qualities that he has since taken steps to hide. When zetag makes a news story of himself, maybe you'll have reason to want to look at his Facebook page, too. In the meantime, you first.

Lunatic NO, fed up with the

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Lunatic NO, fed up with the selfish. irresponsible BUFFOONS who have arrived en mass acting like they were raised by butlers instead of parents YES.

I know him. He would gladly discuss it with you and I would gladly stand right beside him.


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buf·foon noun \(ˌ)bə-ˈfün\
: a stupid or foolish person who tries to be funny

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Sorry but...

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is anyone really suggesting that the yuppies imported the space-saving tradition to Southie? Please.


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Nobody is saying the yuppies

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Nobody is saying the yuppies started the space saving routine. South Boston natives have been doing it since long before Southie was a desirable place to live, before the yuppie invasion. The whole point of the cone removal is simple, if you shovel your car out of a spot, on all four sides after a storm that pretty much buries your car, say 8 or more inches, the spot is yours for the 48 hrs. ( and I mean shovel it, not just drive out of the spot) If there is a dusting or an inch or two of snow, then your a jerkoff if u put out a space saver. Then there are the blizzards....that brings a ton of snow and if you dig your car out of that, well you deserve that spot until the snow melts or the city removes the snow. So, yes we have been doing it Southie for generations, but we do it right. If you dont like it, go back to Connecticut, or whatever little suburban fantasy land you came from and pull into your daddys driveway.

Wrong. What your post should

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Wrong. What your post should say is "if you shovel your car out of a spot, on all four sides after a storm that pretty much buries your car, you get to drive your car away. Congrats!"

Tell me where and when

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You would like to discuss like human beings in person and not behind a screen and I will show up . Cranberry? I am flexible during days this week Wednesday , Thursday and Friday Can work .

Mulls? Paramount?

He also posts about how he

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He also posts about how he unties people's dogs from poles when they go into stores and he has hundreds of comments congratulating him. WTF?


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How disgruntled are you right now?? Hahaha "I'm flattered" yes you are because your a yuppie.. Run yuppie run.

Not rattled at all actually.

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Not rattled at all actually. I really find this hilarious and will occasional jump into these yuppie/townie battles to make a slow work day a little more interesting.

I honestly do find it funny how much the "natives" think about and complain about yuppies as we just go about our lives. Your anger and negativity has absolutely zero impact on me at all.

Yuppies talking Shit

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Heyyyy 2 ALL U "YUPPIES" WHEN THE FUCK U GOING 2 "REALIZE" UR IN OUR HOMETOWN that We were Born & Raised in our Whole Lives & that WE SOUTHIE Natives have GREAT "LOYALTY" 2 Our Hometown & YESSSS WE R A "FAMILY" HERE in SOUTHIE & WE ALWAYS "FIGHT for whats RIGHT when it comes 2 SB"
Soooooooooooo REMEMBER "Yuppies" NOOO MATTER HOW MANY CONDOS you build & ppl you Move in 2 our town
SOUTHIE WILL "ALWAYS BE SOUTHIE" NOT Fuckn Sobo or W/E other Stupid Name U Think ur going 2 Change our Town with ITS NOT GOING 2 HAPPEN
AND I KNO DAVE He is a great guy & Very Intelligent & him Removing the Cones that you fuckn yuppies Keep Out there WHEN THERE IS NO SNOW Just Sooooo U Can Keep a Parking Spot "DESERVE" 2 GET UR CONES THROWN AWAY GOOD FOR DAVE I BACK HIM 100% & A Lil FYI 2. you Yuppies "WATCHOUT" WHOS HOMETOWN U THINK UR GOING 2 INVADE & CONQUER Because UR IN FOR A LONG BATTLE with TRUE SOUTHIE SOLDIERS #FACT K

That's adorable.

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That's either a well-written troll or an aspiring anthropologist. Well-played.

Kid styles

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Wayne relax there guy. Southie sold out Southie. Alot of Ivaska buddies sold took the fat check and left Southie . Some sell these condos . Kind of hypocritical .The yuppie pump money into the city which no one publicly will acknowledge but knows that if it isn't happening. boston. Would be a Detroit

This is preformance art

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has to be, right? I think I'll collect these sort of rambling for an interesting coffee table book.

Southie Special

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You are complete Jack A..
I have lived in SB my entire life. Southie people are the biggest offenders saving parking spaces before, during and after snow storms. This has nothing to do with Old Southie and New Southie. The are also the worst offenders of Fake Disabilities in order to get a fraudulent handicap signs in front of their house. So stop blaming everyone else for your idiocy. .

As for the Southie great loyalty, that is a load of BS. Only people Southie folks are truly loyal too are themselves. Biggest frauds in the City. They blame everyone else but themselves. Biggest Real Estate developers, sales agents, contractors benefitting in Southie are from Southie. They are not out of towners. They only uses idiots like you when it is to their benefit and you go along because you are a complete dumb A..

So go back to sleeping on your mothers couch waiting for your workers comp check to come in. You are exactly the type of person that gives people like me a bad name.

Yuppy's have their own garage

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Yuppy's have their own garage spots. I personally have two and rent one to my yuppy neighbor, who needs a second one for his trophy girlfriend to park her expensive car in.

who's the lunatic?

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this "lunatic" is doing nothing wrong. you on the other hand are directing people to his home address. now that shit is crazy.

Don't hate the player, hate

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Don't hate the player, hate the game. He threw his hat into the ring on a controversial issue, and all his information is public on his facebook profile, which this post linked me to. I didn't go out of my way to find it, I was just pointing out that if someone drove through a puddle to intentionally soak you on the sidewalk, this guy bragged about it and posted his home address. Stupid is as stupid does.

don't pawn it off, you

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don't pawn it off, you discuss it, you coward. You must wear boatshoes!!!

space savers...

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One possibility would be to limit the number of Resident Parking Stickers with priority going to the people who own and live in their South Boston property. The remaining stickers could be distributed to renters on either a first come, first serve basis, or a lottery. Either way, the resident home owners should have priority.


What is the policy objective that is served by giving property owners (as opposed to renters) priority for on-street parking?

The policy objective is

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The policy objective is giving yourself a personal advantage, at the expense of other people who are less able to do anything about it.

Correction...not after storm...BEFORE

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He doesn't take them out of shoveled spots...he takes them out of spots that were not "earned", if there is no snow on the ground & someone puts a cone out, that warrants "BROhibitor" to take action.

Only cones?

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Does Captain Cone also removed the occasional toilet that is used to claim parking territory? I am confused however concerning who is lifting their leg to claim parking depositing their...cones. I was under the impression that space saving, and now parking territory claiming behaviors crossed all driving ages?

I do understand the antipathy toward adults who suckled from mommie's teets until their teens. I own a condo where 2 of these sorts also own properties. One will lie to get what he wants and the other acts like she is the Queen of Hearts: dare to disagree and your head will be removed.

Maybe Captain Cone is just antagonistic toward folks who don't realize they are just another Bozo on the bus. In any case Captain Cone is besides gutsy damn cute too!

Ban Parking

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The solution, have city ban all parking in South Boston during a snow storm and let the snow plows do their work. That will fix all the whiners. All the townies can pave their lawns and charge exorbitant fees for parking.


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What lawns, when was the last time you visited Southie?

Goat, I think not!

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Why are people stalking Dave's FB page? He's allowed to have an opinion and to express his opinion with his family and friends on Facebook. You don't like his content then don't read it; it's very simple.

The unwritten rule for using a spot saver is once you’ve shoveled a spot you own it for a reasonable amount of time, which is usually 2-3 days depending on the severity of the snow storm. The premise for using parking spot savers is being abused by the neighborhood outsiders who throw a piece of crap in the street at the mention of snow.

Don't attack Dave for openly expressing the frustration of many of the South Boston long-time residents, he's fighting to preserve what is left of the facets of the Southie. SoBo is a trend, Southie is way of life and if you’re not from the neighborhood, you wouldn’t understand why Dave and others are doing what they are doing. GOAT?! - Greatest Of All Time - yes he is.

Well, the written rule is

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Well, the written rule is space savers can be used for 48 hours only after a snow emergency. Written rules trump unwritten rules.


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Do show me where this law is written down.

Off the cuff rules and lack of enforcement on laws, are not laws themselves. As said above, I bet some lawyers are just salivating for the first big incident from racked up tensions. the city is putting itself in a liability trap, but who cares it's just your higher rents and property taxes that will go to the payout, right?

As for the gentlemen taking the cones, trash pickup isn't unlawful. But he has admitted to doing other things like assault, and I'm sure the cops and Animal Control won't be too happy about what he does with peoples pets.

Jesus you townies are entitled

once you’ve shoveled a spot you own it

Yeah, I don't think you understand how "ownership" works. And I LOVE that you think its only those pesky yuppie outsiders that are abusing this archaic bastion of entitlement. Are you also fighting to stop double parking on Broadway or is that one of those untouchable facets of the Southie way of life?

And Dave is certainly free to express his opinions, on a public forum no less. And the public is free to c̶o̶m̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ridicule said speech.


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The Cyclist who thinks he's above the law!

Seriously, the idea that

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Seriously, the idea that "yuppies" are ruining parking in South Boston is ridiculous. If they even have a car they probably leave it in the same spot for days at a time. Although I'm sure that pisses off townies for some reason, too. I really don't get how so many people are so proud of themselves for not moving to Weymouth because their mommy (sorry, their ma (I'm from here)) died and gave them a house.

This is why Southie Sucks

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Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This is why Southie and its people suck. You give all Bostonians a bad name. Get the hell out please.


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This is a revolution the yuppie buffoons will not win! Better get the newest LuLu lemon gear so you can sprint around looking for your cone. Looooooook out yuppies !!!!!!!!!!!

Timmy B

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Your invited too . You want to talk to a yuppie face to face and tell one what you really think , and have a conversation let me know

Mulls ? Cranberry? Paramount? Boston Bagel? Sidewalk? Starbucks?

Let me know if you are man enough to show and talk

Timmy he never showed. I

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Timmy he never showed. I said 5:30 at the galley and this coward never showed up. How pathetic

I didn't see your invite

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So if you want let me know if 230 tomorrow (Friday) at Cafe Arpressio on West broadway works see you there

Ahhh, That was a nice little

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Ahhh, That was a nice little Thread !! You all DO realize we have been arguing about "CAPTAIN CONE" correct.?? Can anyone on here that took a hard right turn into Seriousness !! LOL Facebook stalking, offers to meet and discuss at Cranberry Cafe LOLOL.....

ITS CAPTAIN CONE!!...say it 5 times fast and you may get it.

FB Prowlers Read My Songs

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Hi yuppies, it me Dave Ivaska. Yes, you are baffoons. I am not writing this Anonymously. my face is all over the paper, After reading this it appears you have flipped through my FB page,
I urge you to look closer because I wrote 3 songs about your Baffoonery!!!

Some of you feel the need to "threaten to know my address" good for you, but let it be known there are familes that live here, Not that you and your BRO's would do anything. Anyway's
I hope you enjoy the songs, its an ODE to Youz!

Dave Ivaska's FB timeline is suddenly hidden from public view

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Wonder if it had anything to do with comments like this, from a friend responding to one of Dave's many anti-yuppie rants: "I don't mind the yuppies. At least they're not as bad as the shines and porkchops [an ethnic slur against people of Portuguese ancestry] coming in from Roxbury and Dorchester."

Nice friends ya gat thay-ah, Dave.


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An Ode to Yuppie Baffoonery
(Sung to the tune of Southie is My Hometown)

I was born out in Medway but now live on Broadway(street)

There just something about it, all my Bro's wanna shout it
We're Baffoons from miles around
We're not Doctors or Lawyers but my Bro's name is Sawyer

We're from Trust funds and Suburbs, pronounce our R's with all our words
We are cheap but we're not J**s
We sound foolish when we talk and don't tip at the Sidewalk cuz

We wear Dockers and Boat shoes, what the deal with the Snow Rules?
what the myth of the Secret Sauce?
We all heard about Fish Pier, but now we drink Wine there cuz

I will tell chics I'm from here, Haven't rented for one year
Yes thats my Vespa parrrked outside
I cant wait til my Bro's come, what the hell is a Slocum?

We all cram on the 9 Bus, Dave Ivaska He Loathes us
his blood boils when we're around
We all know that you hate us, but please don't berate us cuz

I will call your bluff ..

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Once again , third time I have written this .

I am a yuppie why don't we meet at mulls? Cranberry? A street diner ? Sidewalk and have a coffee and discuss . Two men having eggs face to face and discussing what issues you may have . I am not afraid to meet so let me know .

Galley 5:30 am Be there!!!

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you wanna meet for Eggs? are you shitten me? should we sit by the window?

I'll be at the Galley, 5:30 am, be there!!!!

Caled my bluff? You coward

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Caled my bluff? You coward never showed up. So when you take a second to think. You have to live with yourself beig a coward. Pretty pathetic "calling my bluff" and you didt show

Please see my above post Dave

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I did not see your Galley invite as I am not online all day sorry .

So I have offered to meet you at a normal hour at Cafe Arpressio at 230 tomorrow ( Friday) I will pay for your coffee and settle up the egg tab

At the end of the day I know you won't show . Know that I am not a person hiding behind a computer . I don't do Facebook so I only go off what people in the community I have asked about you have told me . Most say your a nice guy but all say you have issues . I just want to meet to see why you have an issue with me seeing we have never met as I am a yuppie . You can have your opinion . I won't bash you for it


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No squabble, I just like your obsession with the word. It's a good word, though not used a lot.

As you are a townie, I see your obsession with uncouth newcomers wrecking the place, but the winter I worked by Ocean Kai (you were probably at Salem State at the time) people were leaving crap out on the streets all the time weeks after snow storms, so while I appreciate your hatred of yuppies, know that old Southie hands also do this.

Of course, when you are engaged in your excellent public service, you do not discriminate, so keep it up. Make Southie proud.

And don't get too worked up about comments on news stories. It's not healthy. Ignore the, oh, what's a good word? baffoons! Stay well.

To us yuppies townie trash

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To us yuppies townie trash from charleston = townie trash from south boston = townie trash from missippi.

You think we have time to put you into different groups?

Oh yea, take your Sox cap off now. Us yuppies took over Red Sox Nation, just like we did Southie!! Thank you John Henry (The Original Red Sox Yuppie)

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

Congratulations Dave, I am

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Congratulations Dave, I am laughing my as$ off at all of the attention this is receiving . I am a life long friend and to the nit-wit who made empty threats to go by his home, I promise not only will I but many others will make your life a miserable existence if you or any other person who is offended by these comments and make a bad decision to attempt to go by his house. He has family that lives there with children. I think it's funny, but he really Loathes Yuppies!! But he is my friend and I will always have his back... So please make that mistake and go by his house or do t and just take these comment with a grain of salt and enjoy the chaos!! Capt. Cone is my HERO!! Lim

Must Suck

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Knowing that you will be out numbered by the yuppies 3 to 1 in 5 years

You Southie native folks are

By on

You Southie native folks are really all missing the point. Yuppies hate the space saving crap too, and for the most part we’re all on the same page with removing the cones when they’re obviously unnecessary. A lot of you just try and turn everything into a yuppie / townie battle. Sure what Dave is doing with the cones I agree with, but as a poster pointed out earlier, other than that he is a total a-hole. He publicly tries to shame people for what they wear (even if it’s a fashion trend shared by the local teens like high socks), jokes about running down couples jogging, attempts to splash people at bus stops when driving by, moves peoples dogs (why is that cool again?) and is in general a giant tool. You can talk about how he lives with his family, well apparently they did a shitty job raising him, and maybe he should grow up and get a place of his own (or not post his address if he’s going to publicly advertise on line what an ass he is). That’s what you don’t get. What do you expect the new comers who grew up with money to do, pretend to be poor? Townies had their advantages, and so did the yuppies. You grew up in a house with your whole family, got older and maybe moved up a floor, then inherited it or moved around the corner, never really gaining any independence. Yuppies may have gotten a free ride to college through their parents (many didn’t), and then moved out and took responsibility for their lives. Do some have trust funds? I’m sure they do, but many do not. Southie is a great neighborhood in the city, close to work, transportation, and entertainment. It’s a common joke in these threads that the yuppies are getting ripped off, but if I were to live out of town, my cost of living would be the same due to what it would cost me to commute, so the higher rent is worth it. Honestly, please believe me, yuppies don’t give a shit what you think. Some may settle here, but most are in for a few years and then out. Your sneers are barely a blip on the radar.

The battle is over folks. Southie will never be the way it was before. Saying it’s still “your” neighborhood is like the Native Americans saying the United States is still theirs. Sure it it’s still the neighborhood you live in, but it’s sure not the way it was 10-20 years ago.

And seriously, look at the post from By KIDSTYLE 3SB (not verified) on Mon, 02/03/2014 - 5:38pm. Do you think this is helping you in anyway? It’s hilarious, all the local punk kids will run around the streets all summer drunk as a skunk, talk shit, throw phone books at you, and if you say one thing or move in their direction at all they scream “I’m going to call my dad” It’s truly pathetic, such a bunch of tough guys you’re raising.

Lastly, are we supposed to be offended by that song in some way? Or is, go back to your cubicle and go do cross fit supposed to be insulting? I laughed while reading the entire thing. Everytime one of these threads come up the “native population” looks dumber and dumber (and I know these clowns don’t speak for all of you, just as I don’t speak for all yuppies).


By on

Townies are from Charlestown......get It right please.

Not Townies

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townies, the common noun. Yes, Townies are from the town, but over in Cambridge and Somerville they've been battling townies v toonies for generations.

To recap-
Townies= from Charlestown
townies (note the lower case)= from "here", versus not from here (yuppies)

My bad

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Of course, it's the townie-barney thing.

From Family Guy-

Pope: I don't think we're in Boston anymore.

Peter: Of course we are. There's Harvard University.

Pope: That's just a barn.

Peter: It looks like someone went to Yale.

You southie native folks are

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No shit southie won't be the same again.we believe everyone has the right to live where every they want to just follow the would u like it if someone came to your hometown and wanted to change the way it's been for generations?u wouldn't like it all.because we care immensely about our town doesn't make us assholes makes us passionate people.Southie people been making fun of each other and others for yrs.if u see some of these trends u would probably make fun of them too( matching flourescent green socks with head band).just like people make fun of all the old styles people wore back in the he lives at home because of the cost of living in the town has become too high? Guess he was raised wrong that is why he does all this stuff?Are u Kidding me?dude has his opinions about stuff (rt or wrong ) so he was raised wrong.give me a break.there is no battle u people u are guests(like u said) in our stop picking on teenagers who get there dad and man up.its a little information on how things are done in our town.dont like it pack your shit and move back home with mommy and daddy.oh wait that would make u raised wrong.MIDGET out!!!!!

There's a difference between banter and invective

Giving your buddies some good-natured shit is not the same thing as posting pictures on Facebook of neighbors you don't know and saying, "Can you believe this fackin' yuppie a-hole?" One is ball-breaking; nobody cares about that, especially since they can give it right back to your face. The other is brick-tossing, expressing hate and derision from behind the safety of your browser, unbeknownst to the object of your ridicule.

The Dave you know may be a great person, Midget, but it's harder for people to support his cause if his public opinions (which he has every right to express) make him come across as a bigot or a playground bully. (That stunt of moving somebody else's dog while they're in the store: not cool, not funny.)

I like what Dave is doing on space-savers, but if I heard him mocking Chinese-Americans for their language skills or one of his friends using racist slurs against African-Americans at the bar, I'd move down a few stools to make sure nobody thought I was associated with him. The Old Southie of neighbors looking out for each other and treating each other with respect is the one you want to remind people of, not the one of provincialism and bigotry.

Excellent post, MC Slim JB.

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There really is an important difference between good-natured bantering among friends/family who've known each other for ages, and the kind of invective that occurs, either on or offline, against people who are different in some way or other, or towards complete strangers who nobody knows. As a person who experienced invective and being ostracized due to differences that i won't disclose here, as well as the getting and giving of good-natured bantering between me and my friends and loved ones, I'm thoroughly aware of these differences.

.how would u like it if

.how would u like it if someone came to your hometown and wanted to change the way it's been for generations

I welcome civic engagement by any person who is acting in good faith and who gives enough of a damn about my neighborhood to get involved in shaping its future, irrespective of whether he's been here two weeks or since birth. Sometimes I like the new ideas people bring. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm sad about what is lost when change comes, but I don't blame the newcomers. That's kind of life in a participatory democracy, no?

Change Happens

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You have no choice. Some, like our townie friend, sit around and bitch about how it was "rammed down their throats" or some other stupid metaphor.

People like you understand that you have two choices: deal with it and try to steer it in a positive way, or get run over and whine about it.

What I found most profound is

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What I found most profound is the fact that Captain Cone, aka an employee of the city of Boston and earning a tax supported pension off the backs' of us Baffoons felt the need to redact 90% of his Facebook profile within hours becoming Phantom Gourmet famous. What, you creepily take pictures of athletic people grabbing coffee (and admit to "doubling back" to grab a photo and think it won't get back to your boss of which I support with my tax dollars? You write racist posts about Jackson Square and give preferential treatment to those that write "I Loathe Yuppies" on parking savers and expect to be treated as a hero?

A Boston city worker...committing petty theft and copping to vandalizing private property? What did the Globe think it was getting into? Poor diligence/planning on its part. I support condemning space saving and I hope that it is put to a stop under the new mayor. But Captain Cone and his crew have to come to the realization that us Baffoons are raising the property values of their parents' nest egg and are working 9-5 just like you (or, in the case of Captain Cone, 7-5, with an hour lunch break and a full pension paid by yours' truly).


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This is toooo much! I'm still trying to figure out what you did wrong peupty !! #TeamIvaska


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Wonder how the mayor feels about this?

Both a public servant so disgusted with the citizens he's employed by, and the whole parking escalation wars. Count me unsurprised, but there is some damn irony that all those increasing property and business rental taxes funded by the new wealth of yuppies and townies alike are going to this guys livelihood. Not that you can't have an opinion, but most people are smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds (or at least construct their arguments a little more carefully)

Welcome to the Internet, where

if you decide to call other people on their shit, there's a high likelihood they're going to return the favor. Personally, I don't blame you for taking down most of your Facebook page. There was some really ugly, hateful, ignorant-sounding stuff on there, the kind of thing that reinforces the worst stereotypes of longtime Southie residents.

I'm still rooting for your anti-space-saver crusade, Dave, but you'd probably have more people on your team if you came from a place of "Why can't we all just get along?" instead of "Fack the fackin' baffoon yuppies." The Invading Yuppie Horde is only going to get bigger, with more and more longtime locals cashing in on rising real estate prices (and less fortunate non-owners being forced to move by higher rents). Building bridges might be a better long-term strategy; castle walls aren't going to withstand the siege.


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Is it really an anti-cone crusade if he's telling "natives" to write a code on their cone so he won't steal those, just the "yuppie" cones?

Invested a lot of time?

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Says the guy who spends hours, apparently, rearranging traffic cones and taking multiple photos of cute guys in running tights (I can understand the latter more than the former but honestly...?)


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If anyone has a trust fund, they are NOT living in Southie. Check Beacon Hill or the Back Bay.


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The seaport and innovation district is no longer official southie, right? Mumbles excommunicated it I believe. Broadway is next.

orange cones

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Does anyone actually buy the orange cones from a store to hold their parking spots after shoveling out their cars? I think most people "borrow" them from construction or utility companies. Who has the moral high ground here? The drivers using the stolen cones or Capt. Cone who removes them?

Seems to me...

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If this guy were a professional instead of amateur in the world of trolling, then he would have come up with some better ideas.

Here's a freebie, Captain Cone:

Instead of removing people's space savers, remove one and pick up another and put it in the first space you removed. Continue shuffling them around. Now, instead of a bunch of innocent people having their stuff harmed by crazed space savers who have lost their cones, you have space savers attacking each other any time they fail to recognize that the space their saver is in is "someone else's". Let them attack each other.

Why can't we all just meet up

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Why can't we all just meet up for a good ol' fashion dick swinging competition and really settle this properly?

I'll see if I can track down to be a guest judge

Bottom line

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Bottom Line, Southie has changed- but i feel for the better!! I may be alone on this sentiment, but Broadway is beautiful and the parks are also in better shape and so isn't Southie. I was born and raised here, still live here and i am going to raise my children here. The problem most "natives" have with the "Yuppies" are that some move here and feel its an extension of their college lives.... Meaning late night parties, tons of out of state plates that are parked all weekend and don't move, and drunking people yelling and hollering through the course of the night. Now on the other hand we have young couples move in, get invovled and start families here and become part of the fabric that is South Boston. I hope and feel most people from southie welcome them with open arms!!! Many cases on here are about the bad both sides bring to the table, why can't we speak about the good we bring and not the intolerance. Some move here with the intent to disparage the originals and make off hand remarks about how we grew up, that i have no patience for and will welcome any who feel that way to speak about why these are your views,and southie residents also have views that are askew to new comers. Either way my friend Dave has views that are sadly felt by some. But if you get to know him he really is a funny guy and cares for others, but he has grown weary with certain stuff. He is entitled to these views as are anyone on this page. So please enjoy the insanity that is this feed and carry on!!! Or continue the madness so my day goes by quickly.

Enough is enough

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This tread has gone in lots of different directions....most of which are ugly. The bottom line is that this guy is taking a stand against something that has gotten out of control. The blame is shared between both new and old Southie residents.

Putting the noise aside, this guy is one hell of a hockey coach and is great with kids. I like that he's taking a stand and I'm glad he's part of my community.

-Southie Parent That's Not From Southie

When he takes a stand against space-saving, I'm

glad Ivaska is part of my community, too. It's also nice to hear he's a great hockey coach, etc. It's just a shame that his motivations seem as much driven by childish, mean-spirited glee in mocking and pranking newcomers as righteousness. That Facebook business kind of tarnished the halo for me.


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As I said earlier, if he was tossing all cones/space-savers, I think a lot of people would applaud him....but after reading his facebook page, it's clear the whole "space-saver" thing is just his way to mess with "yuppies". He specifically stated that if people wrote "IYL (I loathe yuppies)" on their cones, he'd leave them alone. I don't see this as him "taking a stand", I see it as him messing with people he doesn't like (or know).

Citizens Connect Complaint

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"Dave ivaska is apparently an employee of the city of boston"

Complaint filed on Citizens Connect, gets traction with a Tweet from the official account. An ironic turn of events; he who hates the citizens of Boston, receives his paycheck from them.

The Complaint