South Boston fire victim dies

The Boston Fire Department reports a 90-year-old man injured in a Saturday fire on E Street died today at Mass. General.

The second victim of the fire, an elderly woman, remains in serious condition at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the department says, adding investigators determined the fire on the second floor of the triple decker was caused by a short circuit.

This is Boston's second fatal fire this year. In January, a fire in Readville killed a woman.



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      Elders and house fires

      So sad to hear about this horrible tragedy and loss.

      If you have older people in your life, you may want to check out some of the links here:

      For a number of reasons, elderly people have higher risks of injury and death in house fires. When my husband's grandmother was alive, we went through her apartment and helped her reduce her risks by making sure that she had battery-operated lights handy (no candles) and that other safeguards were in place (she was already in elder housing so the alarms were loud and flashed lights and they had fire drills). Some simple measures can save time and save lives.