South Boston murder victim identified

Boston Police report the person shot to death at W. 5 and Dorchester streets on April 9 was Joel Leon, 19, of Milton.



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Thoughts and prayers for the victim's friends and family.

- The Original SoBo Yuppie

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Link is wrong

Edit: Sorry, didn't mean to have this as a reply. Wrong button.

The BPD page you linked to is for the wrong guy. Unfortunately that was for James Mason, 45,

This is the one you want:

There was victim identified yesterday, Oscar Santos-Chavez, 36, who was killed in Central Square in East Boston:

Tough day for a lot of people.

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Sad news

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19. Awful news. Condolences.

Adam, the link needs to be corrected as it points to the Roxbury shooting.

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To support the family

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Joel's mother has been a long time employee at City Feed in JP and they have established a memorial fund to help defray costs. If you've ever been to the big City Feed on Centre, you've probably seen Bea, and I'm sure she can use all the help she can get right now.

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Fortunately us commenters don

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Fortunately us commenters don't have to hew to the rigorous standard of accuracy that you do, Adam. I don't know first hand, I just know what I read on the City Feed FB page, which I assume to be accurate.

"Many of you know Bea Pineiro, a dear friend and long time employee of City Feed and Supply.
It is with great sadness that we inform you that her son Joel Leon died last week.
A wake for Bea's son, Joel Leon, will be held tonight, Monday April 14th from 5-8 p.m. at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in JP, 14 Montebello Road.

There will also be a second service, tomorrow at 10 a.m. at the same location.

City Feed and Supply is collecting donations to help The Pineiro family pay for the service and other expenses incurred from this tragedy.
Please help if you can."

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