South Boston rallies to replace memorial bench taken out by 14 year old in an SUV

WBZ reports on efforts to replace the bench at the M Street beach dedicated to Sharlene Feeney Grealy, a mother of three who died of melanoma in 2003.

On Friday night, a young teen took an SUV out for a spin and wound up rolling the thing over atop the bench and onto the beach.



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    There's this thing called car

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    There's this thing called car insurance, and when a moron does something like that, the insurance should pay for the replacement; the community should not. (But it does bring in to question whether benches have standing.)

    Car Owner?

    Shouldn't the teen driver and/or their parents be the one to pay for a replacement?

    But ... car!

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    Can't expect any accountability for drivers who kill or destroy, after all.

    (also, if the car was stolen and didn't belong to the parents ... or they may be no parents ...)

    good idea

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    Sue the parents (probably parent singular) of this 14 year old. Something tells me mom doesn't have a pot to piss in. Or if she does, she can't declare or lose her benefits and subsidized housing. Amirite?

    Anyhow, we should be concerned about the children and this 14 year old child.

    Sarcasm off.


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    All you know is that a 14-year old took an SUV for a joyride and crashed it on M Street. From that, you were able to extrapolate that the kid comes from a single-parent, welfare-assisted home? If I were to take the same liberties of assumption with the little we know about YOU, I don't think you'd find it very flattering.

    If the kid had been on a bicycle

    If the 14 year old kid had been on a bicycle instead of a SUV, the bench would not have been killed! What's wrong with a kid such that he wouldn't rather be on a bicycle?

    Gosh, what a thoughtful and

    Gosh, what a thoughtful and insightful question! I can't imagine how a modern kid could possibly get the idea that SUV's are cool and bicycles are for losers!

    Tough call

    What is the bigger loser activity - riding a bike or riding the T pantless?

    Just last night I yelled to a woman on a bike to get a headlight. She had no required headlight or taillight, but did have a safety vest! If a cop observed any other type of vehicle on the road without working headlights and taillights at night, would the result be: ignore, a warning, $20 ticket they didn't have to pay, or getting towed? Yeah, lots more loser cyclists on the road at night without lights than SUVs.

    We all know who the most profound loser is

    It is that older man who screams at cyclists and pedestrians and then defends his declining driving abilities in terms of how other road users should compensate for them.

    Just be warned: some local bike organizations are starting "loser lists" with rosters of plate numbers and descriptions of abusive behavior or impaired driving. These are useful to lawyers when somebody is run down.

    In that case, can bicycles

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    In that case, can bicycles have plates? I have encountered some very dangerous bikers. Most are safe some are not, just like MV operators.

    I don't need to do research

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    I don't need to do research to figure out that the guy on the bike is going to have the fatal injury, that's common sense. I am talking about safety and what I observe first hand. Thanks for the assignment though.

    Which would you rather have

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    A drunk on a bike or driving a car?

    A convicted drunk driver on a bike or driving a car?

    A 14 year old riding a bike or driving a car?

    Taxpayer subsidy of new RMV duties and huge lines to get bike licenses?

    Your proposal is stupid.

    A drunk can be on a bike or

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    A drunk can be on a bike or driving a car.
    A convicted drunk driver can be driving a car or riding a bike. I have never read about a person arrested for drunk driving, without a license or with a suspended /revoked license (not this week at least!).
    14 year olds ride bikes and the one mentioned in the story was driving a car.
    No one mentioned "bike licenses". It wasn't so much a proposal, as a sarcastic comment directed at the "warning" of "loser lists" being composed by bike organizations.

    Driving w/o a license is quite common

    Driving w/o a license is quite common since the RMV stopped reminding drivers when their license would expire. Registration reminders never stopped, however. Drunks ignoring a driving license suspension is pretty common, including T workers doing it.

    A cyclist running a light can

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    A cyclist running a light can cause an accident for cars that swerve to avoid, although I agree with you generally on this issue.

    Cops ignore other vehicles

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    Cops ignore other vehicles breaking many laws daily and do nothing. Double parking, not coming to a complete stop at stop signs, not stopping at red lights before turning right, not yielding to pedestrians, texting, speeding, etc.


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    AT 14, DRIVING AN AUTOMOBILE? The loser should be building the replacement bench from the ground up, starting with going to northern Maine this winter to chop down a tree, haul it out of the woods, on his own, without mechanical assistance and then create the new bench. Young dolt better Thank God that he doesn't reside near City Point.

    What's wrong with a kid such

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    What's wrong with a kid such that he wouldn't rather be on a bicycle?

    Well, the kid is obviously stupid and reckless, for starters.

    So is his white spoiled brat counterpart

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    The one who took off with the family car around the same time. The one you probably didn't hear about, because he wasn't arrested. The one who was a real snot in a live TV interview with his family, but declared a loveable scamp for a similar deed because white.