South Boston restaurant would feature food trucks that never move

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let local restaurant contractor John Childs open his own restaurant on W. 3rd Street that would feature two food trucks that can't actually drive anywhere.

Coppersmith Hall, proposed for a long vacant machine shop at 40 W. 3rd would bridge "the gap between the food-truck community and restaurateurs" and would feature a couple of different types of cuisine at a time at food-truck prices but with seats - and liquor - Childs told the licensing board today. He added he's thinking of cookoffs between the chefs who run the two trucks, which he said "don't operate, they don't drive, they're hard-wired (into the building)."

Childs needs board permission to spend $290,000 to buy the liquor license from the defunct Remington's on Boylston Street for his restaurant, which would open at 6 a.m. for breakfast, change over to sandwiches and other food-truck-type lunch food, then switch to a family-oriented restaurant at night.

Childs requested a 1 a.m. closing time.

Child's company provides construction and supplies for local restaurants; he said his workers would hand-craft the furniture and fixtures for Coppersmith in the building they're renovating.

Members of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association attended the hearing to voice strong support for the proposal.



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Can't tell if a serious

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Can't tell if a serious business prposal or a rediculous commentary on the food truck trend. If it happens it will prove food trucks have jumped the shark.

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food court?

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Sounds more food court than food truck.

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This is part of a logical, terrifying progression

It starts with a food truck, graduates to a brick-and-mortar (see Clover, Mei Mei, et. al.). Now comes the restaurant/truck hybrid. Coming in 2015: human/truck/building mutant hybrids, controlled by a SkyNet of suddenly self-aware Internet-enabled refrigerators, policed by rogue Amazon delivery drones. Don't say I didn't warn you. "A storm is coming."

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