Southie thief should be easy to spot: He's the white guy in a scally cap with a shamrock tattoo on one hand

Police are looking for a man who stole a gold claddagh ring this afternoon from Gold City on West Broadway. Police describe him as a chubby white guy in a scally cap, with a shamrock tattoo on his left hand. He was also wearing a dark suit and a black leather jacket and had an untied tie around his neck as he strolled out of the shop and down Dorchester Street.



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    Come on Adam

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    Would you post a headline that read "Theft in Roxbury: Perp shouldn't be hard to spot= Black guy with Pants sagging showing exposed underwear, unable to produce W2"

    Maybe i should

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    make some Jewish jokes, naaaaa im not going to sink to that level.

    I'll do it for you

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    Just as soon as some guy in a kippah and payess walks out of Rubin's with a brisket without paying.

    No worries here, Adam. I'm

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    No worries here, Adam. I'm Irish American, used to live in Southie and found this funny. Even though you haven't (yet) written a witty headline about about a black suspect in Mattapan wearing a hoodie and baggy pants without any other description), when I've read about such suspects in Mattapan in the police report, I've thought to myself "good luck finding him!" I don't think either of these examples are racist, they're tongue in cheek and reflect reality. People need to calm down!

    Liberal mentality....

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    Its not bigotry if their white! Extremely racist headline, absolutely no justification.

    Did you mean "they're"? Adam

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    Did you mean "they're"? Adam you should have added illiterate white guy in a scally cap with shamrock tattoo should be easy to spot.

    You took the time to write

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    You took the time to write They're.. Adam has a JOB you have " they're" ... I'm taking the time to tell you "Fuck You"... I hate people who correct comments.. Two assholes in this world your both of them....


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    I'm a white guy, I've been known to hang in Southie (no shamrock tat). There's no racism or other -ism to be seen here. It's a description of a crook. Big deal.

    If Adam had said, "Like ALL white guys from Southie, he had a scally and a shamrock tattoo", then you'd have a beef. He didn't.


    Really !!

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    What is "Extremely racist headline "

    All Black Collage..

    Reply with the name of the All White Collage in the United States. There is nothing wrong with the headline or the story. Southie people are the least Racist when all is said...

    All White Collage

    I made one in second grade. It showed a polar bear in a snowstorm. They said I was wicked ahtistic.


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    I love it when the dominant group,in just about every relevant statistic(or their sympathizers)cry foul over something so silly. What to get a group that has everything? Don't be insensitive and refer to an area and description. Haven't white people suffered enough. And of course its a liberal thing to be insensitive because conservatives are so caring and pc. The white man is the one who "defined" race and began to catergorize and subjugate people for what other reason than financial gain(also a survival tactic).

    It's pretty telling

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    that the predominant response isn't "I'm sincerely offended at this", but "WOULD YOU LIBERALS SAY THIS ABOUT A BLACK GUY WITH BAGGY PANTS?!". It's not offense at the stereotype itself; it's people offended that THEY aren't allowed to laugh over stereotyping minorities.

    Slightly ridiculous how "race" works in this country

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    I'm as white as they come, Irish, Jewish and Corsican, but because I'm Puerto Rican, I'm magically a minority or a "person of color". As Patrice O'Neal once said about Louis C.K., I'm a "counterfeit white man" (Louis C.K. being a red haired half Mexican, for those who did not know).

    Patrice O'Neal was a genius

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    Patrice O'Neal was a genius (although that line is eh). I don't care about or miss many celebrities, but he was amazing.


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    Speaking as an Irish citizen, how stereotypical could the perp be. The tie is the odd part. It would have only been better it he was wearing either a track suit or, to date myself and assume it is warmer than it is, a barracuda jacket and a pair of gazelles on his feet.

    Maybe he needed the claddagh for an audition for an extra in the latest Boston Irish mob movie. Should we really be judging him?

    Thankfully for me I lost the weight and the shamrock tattoo is on my right hand.

    On Route 34

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    They sell ciggies and beer. What the (bleep) more do you need?

    Wow lots of victims in this thread....

    Adam got the description from the POLICE REPORT as he ALWAYS does when making posts about fugitives on the loose.

    I suppose all you angry victims should direct your complaints to the police, but really if that's that the guy looks like what the hell are they going to do, say they didn't notice which race/ethnicity he resembled so as not to offend anyone, and meanwhile the guy goes free because physical descriptions are racist? Uh he had light-ish skin BUT WE"RE NOT CALLING HIM A WHITE GUY BECAUSE THAT'D BE RACIST....he had a tattoo of a three-leafed plant or flower BUT WE'RE NOT CALLING IT A SHAMROCK, BECAUSE THAT'D BE RACIST.

    Yeah really, go tell the Boston Police department they're not being sensitive to Irish-Americans. I'd point out that this particular ethnic group *might* have adequate representation within their ranks BUT THAT'D get the idea.

    And finally, the very last thing I know Adam from being on his message boards for many years is to be is racist/ethnically biased or unfair in any way. To accuse him of this means either this is your very first day reading this forum and/or you're a complete fool.


    I think your rebuttal is missed going by your second paragraph. The commentator's complaints does not seem to be about using white, Irish as a description. The headline didn't dryly describe the person as white and had a sharmrock tattoo, but make a joke around that description (to be fair, even if he was dry, Adam may get accused of willingness to name white but not black, but I do recall he does willingness name other races, and a quick Google search does back that memory up. Though I must also note that I was not able to find an equivalent usage of black within the headline, but I also have note too that googling to find crime denoting white in headlines is having trouble too). But willingness to make a joke with a foundation of derision for humor. The first commentator above mirrored with a black counterpart. And the bet of the commentators, is he wouldn't use a headline like that.

    Personally, I do find that sense of fairness understandable (and I'm not white, BTW, though it shouldn't matter, but I recognize that it may hold bearing to assessment of my argument.). Understandable doesn't mean correctness. Without hard data like counting usage of naming race or not for articles and headlines, it can too easily be in all in one's head.

    This thread

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    ...has the worst posts by anon ever. Come back when someone actually discriminates against you.

    So Blacks

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    are the only ones who are can be pissed about the past and how their relatives were treated. Sorry, and Jews!

    The past?

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    2 hours ago?

    When Adam posted a mocking description of a mockable incident?

    Worst. Anons. Ever.

    I'm not getting into this,

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    I'm not getting into this, coming from Boston Irish, but I think he meant the past practice of "No Irish Need Apply". Both my grandfathers had to live through that in days where there was no such thing as unemployment insurance or social security. One of my grandfathers came to escape the famine back home just looking for a spot he could raise his family.
    It was a very trying time for both families as I understand it and deep down in older folks in my family, the memories are still quite vivid.

    But I do laugh at the stereo type. Irish are known for thick skins and if we can't laugh at ourselves then you'll probably go through life pretty miserable.

    Not in this century or much in the last

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    Do let us know when you get pulled over repeatedly due to your "suspicious translucence".

    In the meantime, maybe own your failures to get an education or find work despite your special status?

    Really, im gainfully employed.

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    "In the meantime, maybe own your failures to get an education or find work despite your special status?"

    Tell that to the Black community, their unemployment is 3x higher than the states average.

    Yeah, they just aren't as

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    Yeah, they just aren't as lucky as the irish who had the unions to give them nice cushy jobs.

    You know who we need on the case?

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    Howard Louis Carr **

    Now that Whitey's in prison, he's got a lot of extra time on his hands.

    ** Edited to correct his middle name. I swear to god that I thought his middle name was Lawrence all these years. Wikipedia says Louis.

    "Lighten up, Francis!"

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    I own and wear scally caps. I even (somewhat) fit the profile. No tattoos though. I was up W. Broadway this afternoon! Oh boy, am I glad I wasn't around for that.
    I don't mind the description or even the stereotyping commentary. As long as it's done evenhanded. It helps to have a thick skin sometimes (and a thick skull, too!).