Space-saving madness infects Readville

Readville cone

Boston Strolls was stunned tonight by this sight on Vallaro Road.

The first space saver I've ever seen in Readville. AND it's preemptive.



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Space Savers

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I'm disappointed that this post has been up for hours and nobody has bashed South Boston yet. Please do so. I have to go out and shovel. My space saver is good until Opening Day. At least.

i'm all shaken up about it!

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Dear fragile fellow commenters, This cone is obviously obstructing the bike lane and poses a significant risk to cyclists.
Clearly a Southie transplant is responsible. All other urban neighborhood residents are surely innocent of this most heinous offense.
Let's take to the internet anonymously and demand justice!

I have one question about this

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Adam, why do you hate Hyde Park so much?

Of course, I forgot that you are closer to Hyde Park, with a more scenic walk to boot, than you are to West Roxbury.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some buffoonery to attend to. Carry on.


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No, I've been obsessed with wintertime space saving for years. Please note, however, I didn't take that photo, so, no, I'm not driving around furiously searching for stupid space savers.

OMG>>>> Not in "Readville"..

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OMG>>>> Not in "Readville"...soon to be referred to by its normal name- Hyde Park. All the city hacks must be in an up roar. First they candidate lost, and now space-savers. Soon it will look like their neighbors in West Roxbury. The only location in the city with a trailer park..Boston Trailer Park Inc
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