Police: Spare Change Guy nabbed again for fare jumping - and assault and battery

For the second time in a week, Transit Police report stopping John Bubier at Andrew station for trying to ride the Red Line for free - and then placing him in custody because he has an outstanding warrant, this time for assault and battery, out of Boston Municipal Court.

Last week, Transit Police arrested Bubier for allegedly failing to register as a Level 3 sex offender. He has since registered.

Innocent, etc.



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What about registering as a

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What about registering as a sex offender? I'm sure he didn't register as a sex offender yet either. Maybe he was pinched as he was going to register.

He's registered

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Not long after his arrest last week, the status on his SORB page was updated to reflect the fact he had registered as living at a particular address.

spare change guy !

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He's the T's version of the Terminator "He'll be back'


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He essentially is stealing $2.50. He should be in jail for fair evasion!

Saw him

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Saw him skulking around MGH. One time standing in the middle of Cambridge St (between the lanes) yelling at cars.

So if he was popped for an outstanding warrant, did that get issued between last week and this week? Or did they miss it the first time?

With respect Adam

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could you lay off the use of "allegedly" in your posts. Either Spare Change Guy was registered as a sex offender when he was nabbed last week, or he wasn't. NO gray area whatsoever.

And what's with the "alleged fare evasion" comment you've been using as well?. Again, does the ticket the MBTA issues read "alleged fare evasion"? No, it reads "fare evasion". Just like how NO criminal or civil law or charge in this state uses the word "alleged".

Sorry, but lawyer inspired disclaimers like these add NO value to posts or stories. And, with respect, they are also insulting to your readers.


The ticket lists the charge as "fare evasion" -- but until convicted he is only alleged to be a fare evader. You see "charged" means "alleged to have done the listed offense".

Journalism 101

A basic journalistic principle is that you make it really clear what you are reporting, and that you draw a distinction between that which you (the reporter) personally know to be true and that which you don't personally know to be true.

If the reporter is reporting having seen him jump a turnstile, then he's a "fare evader." But if you're reporting that the police have accused him of having jumped a turnstile, then he's an "alleged fare evader." If a court has found him guilty, then he's a "convicted fare evader."

For example, if you look at respectable newspapers, you will almost never see anything stated as fact; what you will see is statements attributable to specific sources, or, in some cases, unnamed sources. So, not, "Joe Jones was killed in a car accident last night," but "Joe Jones was killed in a car accident last night, according to Brookline Police."

In this specific case, "Arrested X for allegedly doing Y" is probably overkill, since "arrested X for doing Y" implies that it's an allegation, not a matter of factual record.

Read the sentence again

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The accused is was charged with allegedly failing to register as sex offender. "Allegedly" is modifying the phrase "failing to register as a sex offender." To break it down differently, the allegation is that he did not register as a sex offender. He was sentenced and served his sentence as a sex offender. He was evaluated as a level 3 sex offender and required to register with the police. Allegedly, he did not register.

I suppose Adam could have spent great effort explaining this. He has been charged but it has not been established in court that he did not register. He could have registered and the paperwork was not properly processed. Therefore, until found guilty, he is alleged to have done it.

In short, he is a level 3 sex offender who allegedly did not register as required.

Yeah but

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It makes the anon sooooooo sad to read allegedly. Maybe Adam could just stop anyway.