Speed rarely associated with the Red Line these days

Transit Police report arresting two men on drug charges after detectives say they watched one sell amphetamines to the other on a Red Line train yesterday.

Police say that Anthony Cogliano, 40, of Everett, sold the pills to John Burgoon, 25, of Dorchester, around 3:55 p.m. on an Alewife-bound train just before South Station.

Cogliano was charged with distribution of a Class B substance with intent to distribute; Burgoon was charged with possession of a Class B substance, police say. Both are scheduled for arraignment today in Boston Municipal Court.

Innocent, etc.



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I hate the red line

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Love the title Adam! Made me laugh after a horrible commute on the red line this morning. I just love getting backpacks jammed into my back and throwing me off my feet.

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Common courtesy

Common courtesy would be to remove and carry backpacks in tight quarters like buses, trains, and stores. Dorks seem clueless that they are bumping into other people. Could be worse. Bumping into other people and getting packed tightly into train cars is taken for granted in some parts of Asia.

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The cost of giving up bicycles

The Chinese have been giving up bicycle transportation far faster than Americans adopt it, and this is a price they pay - overcrowded public transit!

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Transit cops actually riding on transit?

What parallel universe are we living in?

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I have to say...

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It's feeling awfully scant these days. I was at DTX last night in the aftermath of some kind of scuffle--staggering, shouting folks who were deeply substance-impaired, one with a bleeding head wound, pool of blood on the platform and no T officials in sight--no cops, no one in the booth. After probably five minutes a couple of cops rushed up and went to pursue them but probably to no avail. I know we're stretched thin but DTX? At rush hour? NO personnel visible whatsoever?

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it's all about the passengers

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On Saturday afternoon, I helped a blind man find a T employee at DTX, since there was nobody in the booth. When exactly are stations supposed to be staffed?

(The inspector we found gave him a free angry argument for questioning her answer to his polite question if there were any service problems right then. It turns out when she said there were no problems, she actually meant they were recovering from an earlier medical emergency, *plus* dealing with the delays from short-turning trains for the Sullivan-Oak Grove bus diversion.

Also, I didn't see any signs in the station about the diversion. I only knew because I'd looked it up ahead of time, and the countdown signs were off, which on a weekend is usually a sign of a planned disruption.)

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