Ssh, don't breathe a word: Major pharma company could be about to move to Cambridge

The Boston Business Journal reports on secret efforts by state and city officials to lure a "major life sciences company" to the city. How secret? They've even got a code name for the project.



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    Life Sciences

    Would that make Draper Lab a death sciences company?

    Where are the love sciences companies?

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    Van Nuys, California

    ..up in the Valley seemed to be a major center although foreign competition from E. Europe and Asia seems to have left it fairly bereft.

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    This should not be all that hard ...

    Most life science companies are moving to Cambridge anyway simply because the people they are trying to hire really don't want to live anywhere else. I can think of at least three pharma companies that shut down research buildings or even campus locations in the NJ area and moved their people into Cambridge. Biogen is scaling down their "world HQ" campus in Waltham in favor of their existing buildings in Kendall Square + new construction. The main outlier is Vertex which moved to the Seaport. Most of the others are building out in Cambridge.

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    I'm guessing millions in taxpayer money going to a perfectly healthy company as welfare?

    Granted, at the state level there's not much you can do about it when you have other desperate states willing to only spend their tax revenue on bribes and undercutting markets. Still, its another sign of the drive to the bottom (of the accounting ledger) view of economics.

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