Stars need protection

Ted being protected in Boston

Emily Cervone forwards a photo, taken by a co-worker, of the guard for Ted on Berkeley Street in the Back Bay this morning (can't be too careful with Johnny Depp maybe still running around all balding and everything).

Ed Coppinger notes the cop on the left is his brother, Mike (and we note that Ed is not the state rep - that's his cousin, Ed).



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I don't know why, but it

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I don't know why, but it really irks me that everyone on the city payroll seems to be related. Well, I guess I know why but even with extended family on the city payroll, I find it troublesome.

just ask the Mayah

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He's the one who said getting their friends and relatives jobs with the government is our elected leaders' responsibility.

That really doesn't surprise

That really doesn't surprise me. I expect that the city is the largest employer in many municipalities. Who staffs the fire houses, teach the kids, process your permits, etc?

Who should be the largest?

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Or second largest?

Frankly, if it were Northeastern or Partners or State Street, I would begin to worry that our economy is not diversified enough.

If you look around enough, in most places it is either the government proper or the school district that is the largest employer, then perhaps a health care system. When it is a private employer, that is probably a city where one change in fortune could screw things up royally.

Anyone have a list of movies

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Anyone have a list of movies being filmed in the area? They've set up a base camp for one down the street from my work in Woburn in an unused warehouse. All the catering trucks, crew, and actor trailers have been there for a few days and it spiked me curiosity.


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I'm also curious about this, since I've seen two recently. Anyone know what they were filming down at the intersection of MLK Blvd and Warren Street in Roxbury last week? Must have had a dozen trailers and production vehicles there for three days.

At first glance

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At first glance, I thought a Teddy Graham had photo bombed the picture.

But if it's Ted from the movie, going by the trailers for the first one, I would expect him to have a butt in one hand and a beverage in the other when on break during shooting.

Physical Ted

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I'm surprised there is an actual physical Ted. I thought he was computer generated. I hope the sequel is as funny as the original.

It's used...

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As reference for the actors, directors, lighting etc.


Could be there to help live actors make their interactions with the CGI Ted more natural, and to help the production team work with camera angles, etc.

Needs a spot in the trailer/ads

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Large text on screen:

Cut to Keytar Bear in MBTA station rocking out

Pan out from Keytar Bear to see Ted standing with back to camera watching Keytar Bear play

Ted (turns to camera): What the hell is THAT?!

Rest of trailer...