State Police remind drivers to always secure their hatchets

hatchet in dashboard

State Police report a hatchet came flying through the windshield of a car traveling south on I-95 in Topsfield this morning due to the carelessness of the driver of the landscaping truck in front of them - who failed to tie down the hatchet:

Thankfully, the axe only went halfway through the windshield. The passenger who is partially seen in the photo was shaken up (who wouldn't be?) but not injured. Trooper Joseph Risteen of the Newbury Barracks responded to the scene and cited the truck driver, who is from Peabody, for failure to secure cargo.



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    Bill the landscapper

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    For both a replacement windshield and to clean the passenger's side seat and pants!



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    Good One!

    Checked the directories

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    Didn't find Lizzie Borden Landscaping with a place of business in Peabody.

    Or let them pass you?

    Or cut you off?

    Without knowing the circumstances, we can't know that they were following.

    The cops say the driver of the car was doing the speed limit, which puts them in the lower quartile of traffic speed on that stretch.

    Where did I say that this driver

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    was following the landscaping truck? I merely pointed out that this incident demonstrates one of several reasons why it isn't good practice to follow immediately behind a landscaping truck. Especially on a high speed highway like I-95.

    Right you are, roadmap

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    You don't have to follow even if they get in front of you. Slow down and move away. I always, always, try to stay away from all trucks with loads in their beds.That's 101.

    Next session class shall discuss not letting yourself get boxed in by tractor-trailors as well as passenger vehicles.
    Give yourself an escape route!

    Was very amusing too. The axe

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    Was very amusing too. The axe came off a lorry on "the I-95 Motorway".

    I guess that's still better than the staties calling it "Route 95" though.



    This is some terrifying Final Destination shit right here.

    Now the middle class is

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    Now the middle class is getting hatcheted as well as hammered. Wait til they hear about this at the cheese store.

    Everyone British I know uses

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    Everyone British I know uses lorry in pretty much every instance where we use truck. Though they sometimes use truck themselves.

    From my experience, and from some quick dictionary checks just now, lorry seems go be a generic word for any truck.

    Also I note that Top Gear's usage is consistent with that.

    No, true, I had forgotten

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    No, true, I had forgotten about pickups.

    But look at, say, the Burma Special. Those certainly weren't semis they were driving. Clarkson's was even a similar truck to this one! Yet every time it was almost always "lorry" (or for Clarkson, "sports lorry").

    Clicked on your link and saw

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    Clicked on your link and saw it got picked up elsewhere and translated.

    LUCKY ESCAPE: Passenger avoids death after AXE smashes through windscreen (London)

    Flying axe lodges in dashboard (New Zealand)

    Axe Flies Through Car Windshield On Highway (England)

    At least

    the landscaper has ended his long argument with windshields.