State preps for Allston Christmas by putting Storrow warning signs on area highways

Lin Dolin and Lauren report seeing signs on Rte. 2 and on ramps heading to 93 and Storrow warning drivers of rental trucks to stay off Storrow Drive.



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    They should put them (just

    They should put them (just temporary banners or something) on every bridge over Storrow drive. Idiots are still going to ignore the signs on the highway and there should be last-ditch-save signs on the overpasses in hopes that if they get on Storrow, they will notice the signs on the overpasses themselves. The money spent on the banners will be far outweighed by the money saved from trucks not getting Storrowed.

    I'm guessing the first

    By on

    I'm guessing the first Storrowing will be Thursday night at 7:30pm, headed to BU