State rep attends meeting at State House in handcuffs

Associated Press reports state Rep. Carlos Henriquez of Roxbury was brought to the State House from his cell today for a closed-door meeting.



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He should resign

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But I doubt the ethics committee will make him.


Fight the power

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Carlos a little piece of advice, It would go a lot smoother if you managed to get your constituents jobs as probation officers and court officers like everyone else


Carlos is getting shafted

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Now, Carlos is not that smart, true. But who hasn't had a midnight booty call end in tears and recriminations?

It's not usual for a first-offender in a he said/she said domestic violence case with no real injuries to get jail time. It's usually probation with a "batterers' program."

The hack judge, Michele Hogan, wanted to earn some fame by hammering him, along with her sanctimonious comments. He would have been better off if he had a groundskeeping job in the Housing Department, like his momma should have got him. Then he would have got probation.

Now the castrated white knights and feminazis in the House have engineered this spectacle of bringing the black man in chains to face their pharisaical speeches. An auto-da-fem.

Makes ya sick.


Can you turn up the hate a bit louder?

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I don't think you hit all your targets.

Poor Carlos - convicted abuser, facing consequences. Ah yes, blame women for not liking to be assaulted and saying something.

People like you make me sick.


A "hack judge"

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Would have let him out on $50 bail.


He pled not guilty.

If he pled out and admitted that he had some sort of anger/substance abuse/mental health problem, the court may have gone that route. But he denied doing those things, and a jury/ judge didn't believe him.


Nomination Papers. Upcoming Election. 2nd Suffolk, 13th Suffolk

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Nomination Papers
Upcoming Election
Next Election Date: 3/4/14
Special State Election - 13th Suffolk
Special State Election - 2nd Suffolk

2nd Suffolk Rep District
BOSTON - Wd. 2
Daniel Joseph Ryan Dem
Christopher Remmes Dem
Clifford Cunningham Rep

13th Suffolk Rep District
Wd. 7 Pct. 9
Wd. 13 Pct. 6-10
Wd. 15 Pct. 6
Wd. 16 Pct. 1-7, 9, 10, 12
Wd. 17 Pct. 3, 5
Daniel J. Hunt
John K. O'Toole
Paul L. McCann Jr.
Liam P. Curran
Gene I. Gorman


Let me get this straight

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That thug gets to pocket his $175k/year salary while sitting in jail, unless he resigns? If that's the case, there's no way in he'll you'll see him resigning - where else can an illiterate thug get paid this much just for showing up to a few meetings?


Interesting, but irrelevant.

I don't know about wherever it is you're posting from, but here on my planet, "Earth," the United States legislature and state legislatures are entirely different entities, and the salary of U.S. reps is completely irrelevant when discussing state reps.