Step on a crack, break the Green Line's track

Shuttle buses instead of the Green Line on Commonwealth Avenue

Buses like breadsticks at Olive Garden. Photo by Danielle Johns.

Who's the wise guy? The T is running buses instead of trolleys along Comm. Ave. due to "a track issue" at Warren Street.

Oh, and, of course, the runners beat the Green Line between BC and Blandford - before the track issue came up.



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      I'll meet you in the middle

      I suppose a fair race did indeed prove their point regarding speed.

      However, being replaced by shuttle service would get the broader message across that the T, and Green Line in particular, is quite unreliable and will probably let you down at the worst possible time.

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      This actually probably

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      This actually probably happened because of the race. The tracks got so hot from the blazing speed of the cars that they melted and warped. Imagine what the soles of the runners' shoes look like!

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      Elliot Davis

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      Is back at it, he's on Federal asking for money for a fix a flat.

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      Breadsticks at Olive Garden

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      I have personally witnessed a three-year old at Olive Garden take the basket of breadsticks, dump it on her placemat, and carefully line them up. Though that was parallel not end to end. You'd have to be a weird cat to line them up end to end.

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