Still shipyards run deep

Old South Boston Naval Annex

Greg C. photographed a road in the old South Boston Naval Annex - now known as the Boston Marine Industrial Park - the other night.

Colby TC photographed the same stretch in daylight.

History of the naval annex.

Copyright Greg C. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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    A tad embarassing

    Yes, it is a very cool place. I am especially fascinated by it. But what do tourists think when they hop off their extended cruise and this is the first thing they see in Boston?


    The cruise terminal is a bit more modern, no?

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    And it's closer to land, so odds are they're not going to be going through some post-apocalyptic canyon for long - they can see the daylight!

    But maybe I'm one of those odd people who likes things like the above :-).


    What they should be reminded

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    What they should be reminded of was the part that that Yard ,and the one across the way , in C Town ,played in keeping the world free , and the sacrifices of all those coming and going from those Yards made. That's what I think of . But I also remember the A & P Supermarket chain old fish warehouse that was right across from Commonweath Pier , that was back when that was a working area. and , now , not even Our
    Lady of Good Voyage is safe down there.


    What they really should have told you

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    is that President Nixon closed the Army base and Navy yard after the liberals in this State voted for McGovern over Nixon. Payback is a bitch. The closings cost the City of Boston and the Commonwealth millions, if not billions, of dollars. Not to mention all the jobs and support businesses that went along with it.


    One of these buildings, or

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    One of these buildings, or maybe all of them together, was once claimed as the largest in the country. Anybody know how proved or by what measure and when ?

    Cool spot

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    Reminds me of running through there during the Harpoon 5 Miler.