Storrowing narrowly averted - on VFW Parkway in West Roxbury

A truck driver from New Jersey discovered tonight that 18-wheelers like his can't fit under the train bridge that crosses the VFW Parkway by the West Roxbury Education Complex. Boston Police are on scene to help him back up his big rig - and to write him a ticket.



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No advance warning?

From looking at the Google Street View of this location, I don't see much in the way of advance warning about a low-clearance bridge. Just a single small yellow-diamond sign in the median, a few feet before the bridge, saying 13'0" or 13'6" (depending on which way you're going). By the time you see that, it's too late to make a right turn and avoid the underpass. And there's no warning sign or height posted on the bridge structure itself.

Was this bridge one of the reasons for removing the US 1 designation from the Parkway?

(also, whose brilliant idea was it to name this school "WREC" ?)

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Coming from the south, there

Coming from the south, there are signs posted back at the stoplight at Charles Park Dr saying "13' 6" Ahead," "All Trucks Exit Here," and giving the universal no trucks symbol. There's probably something similar coming from the north, although it makes sense for a truck to be coming from the south off of 95.

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There are all sorts of

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There are all sorts of businesses along the VFW Parkway past that, just before that train bridge , and further , especially Hancock Village. It is very confusing to navigate, there is no clear way to access these places with streets posted one thing or another. At one time you could make a U turn at Gardner street, but that has been closed off. Thus , shit happens.

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Regarding signage:

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Regarding signage:

Coming from Corey & VFW southbound, there are three signs that I can see:

1 & 2. VFW is marked "No Trucks or Buses" at the southbound lane at both Corey & VFW and Lagrange & VFW intersections.

3. There is a big yellow 13'0" sign right before the last turnaround before the rail bridge (at about 1194 VFW Pkwy).

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trucks aren't even supposed to be on the parkways

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I've been seeing more of them over the past month - aren't truck drivers supposed to check legal truck routes?

although only map online I can find is this one:

and the city of Boston doesn't even have this info on their website:

see page 42:

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There are businesses on that

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There are businesses on that parkway with a VFW address , some before the rail bridge , some after.

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13'6" isn't an especially low

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13'6" isn't an especially low clearance, so all that's really needed is the standard low clearance warning sign, which is what you described.

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